YouTube comments are troublesome.

Yesterday, 107 men had an unwanted gay thought, while watching a hot girl sing hot girl songs.

This unwanted gay thought, in what can only be assumed was a tragedy that befell these poor men, was a symptom of the  “women don’t exist on the Internet” disease.

This time, a  x3LilPinnytjuhx3  was directly responsible.

Her username is androgynous.  When one reads it, one has to ask, was it just a random smattering of letters? Does LilPinny reference a penis? Or Miss Penny?

There is nothing that directly tells the reader x3LilPinnytjuhx3 is female.

Shame on her.

Her forgetfulness and inability to clearly portray that she is a female on the Internet, had dire consequences yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »