Tough titties for bondage columnist running for office

Image of S/M sexuality. Bettie Page is tied an...

Bettie Page getting spanked, via Wikipedia

The 2010 40th district race for State House rep has been called historic for two reasons: this is the first time two openly gay candidates are running against each other (there are 14 gay candidates on the ballot this February 2nd), and second because this is the first time a bondage columnist is running for office.

Joe Laiacona, a part-time computer science teacher at Columbia College by day and leather master named Jack Rinella by night, is running against incumbent Deborah Mell. If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because Deb Mell is Blagojevich’s sister-in-law, and was the only one to vote against the governor’s impeachment.   Deb Mell is also the daughter of Alderman Richard Mell, the “driving force”  behind Blagojevich’s win as governor.

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Albany Park begins initiative to display artwork in vacant storefronts

FONTANA, CA - OCTOBER 8:  A strip mall storefr...

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Following the success of the Pop-Up Art Loop Program and Edgewater Artists in Motion, I decided to stop by the North River Commission (an umbrella group that also includes the Albany Park Chamber of Commerce) here in Albany Park to see if they were engaging in a similar initiative. As luck would have it,  they were, and in need of volunteers.  I naturally offered to help  (public art is one of my favorite things in life),  and I spent a day walking along Montrose, the proposed site of Albany Park’s future art walk, documenting vacant storefronts.

How has Albany Park faired this recession, you might ask? There are approximately 25 vacant storefronts along Montrose (a 25 block strip), and that number does not include the burned building on Montrose and Monticello that photographers love shooting. If the NRC uses all of the vacant storefronts to display art, the Albany Park art walk will be more extensive than Edgewater’s, and would hopefully drive some much needed traffic on that avenue.  On my walk I saw two empty diners with bored employees just standing around, and one store was boxing up their inventory under a “going out of business” sign.

If you’re interested in helping out with this initiative (or are a local artist that would be interested in displaying their artwork), please contact the North River Commission. UNITE Civic Association is also helping with this project, and go here to read about other neighborhoods in Chicago using vacant storefronts to display art.

Dogs in clothing piss me off

Fawn pug

Pugs, the most mutated of them all....Image via Wikipedia

Oh great. I have gone the whole winter without seeing a mutant dog dressed up like a human, until today, when for god knows what reason I was browsing the ChicagoNOW blogs:

When the weather gets cold, what’s a dog to do? Bundle up, of course!  …what are Chicago’s dogs wearing to stay warm? We want to know! E-mail a picture of your pooch in his or her winter outfit to us at with “winterdog” in the subject line.

via Show off your dog in RedEye! – RedEye. (click the link to see the infuriating picture)

First off, if this dog were a real dog and not a mutant dog…. (and by mutant I mean genetically altered to change their size, fur type, jaw structure, etc  but in exchange cause floating knee caps, a skull that is too small for their brain, twisted spines for curled tails, a lifetime of pain, depression,  organ problems, seizures, brain tumors and other ailments that affect dogs that are not mutts) … the animal wouldn’t need any clothes to keep warm.

Second, dogs are not dolls, just like how they are not products. Don’t dress them up like they are dolls, and please don’t buy them designer clothes,  or I will have to cut you. (In my mind only, of course)

Third, if vegans and vegatarians, PETA, and  Jonathan Safran Foer really cared about animals, they would be calling for the end of designer and purebred dogs. Or for Congress to regulate their breeding, at least.  We hated everything else about Hitler, why is this still around? (Oh right, because they’re soooooo cute!)

So STFU and GTFO RedEye. Please.

Filmmaker raising funds for first feature length film

Local filmmaker Ben Hicks is currently shooting his first feature length film titled Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time. Funds have run out, and Ben Hicks is stranded in Japan. Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time is the sequel to his award winning short Pea vs. Carrot. Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time stars the same couple as they globetrot around the world (Japan, Taiwan, Germany) and eventually end up running into the woods. Hicks made a video on Kickstarter to raise funds for Kids Go Free, and as it stands right now, he just needs to raise 2,000 dollars by January 10th in order to continue filming. An interview via e-mail after the jump.

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