YouTube comments are troublesome.

Yesterday, 107 men had an unwanted gay thought, while watching a hot girl sing hot girl songs.

This unwanted gay thought, in what can only be assumed was a tragedy that befell these poor men, was a symptom of the  “women don’t exist on the Internet” disease.

This time, a  x3LilPinnytjuhx3  was directly responsible.

Her username is androgynous.  When one reads it, one has to ask, was it just a random smattering of letters? Does LilPinny reference a penis? Or Miss Penny?

There is nothing that directly tells the reader x3LilPinnytjuhx3 is female.

Shame on her.

Her forgetfulness and inability to clearly portray that she is a female on the Internet, had dire consequences yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »

thou cyber sand (Twitter Poem #4)

The Funny Thing about Twitter:


the other day  “roman sandals” appeared

twice on my twitter

profile page

Some time later, romansandals starts following me


Romans:  stealer of gods but not the  shoe soles of whores

I am wary-

in bare cyber space, more than one user

leads to no safe place

so I leave no indent in the dirt, no greek tweet

and romansandals offers no akolouthi,

no use of language, or other “come follow me”


a user with more than

a thousand to read

a thousand to mark

a thousand for triumph, esteem

a thousand for fanning the line


romansandals leads me to a blog that exists

and no viral ambush awaits

in the given net space, but

another affront:

shoes and paparazzi, the Furies of celebrity

and the cheapness of the page, the turning

of the same old tricks

slur the said citizen in me


what roman sandals are these?

no Romans walked in sandals like these!

where is the sure-footed confidence?  the feeling of weight placed,

equal on each side

the sense of purpose and physical pride-

give and take, to communicate?


Instead, I am offered the burden of never-ending youth

and the pain of a crooked spine

I shunned the offer,

and as the oracles in the ether  said,

it came to pass


romansandals no longer acknowledges me


Are you ready for a transgender revolution?

An ultramodern men's washroom, showing a row o...

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Neo-cons beware! The homosexuals are coming for you where you pee! First there was Isis, the America’s Next Top Model contestant, then last month Lady Gaga flashed what appeared to be a penis on stage, and now this, a toilet revolution.

Genderqueer Chicago is asking the Chicago masses to use the wrong restroom tomorrow, in a show of solidarity for the transgender community.

Everyday, gender-alternative people are questioned, berated, mocked, glared at, and barred from public restrooms because someone’s perception of their gender doesn’t match up with the “shirt” and “suit” pictures on gendered bathrooms. Bathrooms should be safe for everyone, no matter their gender identity and presentation.

via Genderqueer Chicago: What’s this about Toilet Revolution?.

While I am opposed to any sort of discrimination (my pet peeve being discrimination based on gender),  I am hesitant over this mini-protest. The website stresses safety in numbers (“go with a buddy”), but I can’t help thinking of the unintended consequences of scaring old women while they pee.  Or maybe this is the idea, to make people feel as uncomfortable as the transgendered when they try to use a public bathroom?  The bemusement that would accompany walking into a men’s restroom and having a conversation with a man holding his dick is tempting, but I wouldn’t know which I was challenging more: traditonal gender roles or a person’s belief in bathroom privacy?

I say a push for unisex restrooms is the ideal – remember Ally McBeal?