Wheat Thins Internet Ad Campaign Sucks (also, Nanalew has a purdy mouth.)

So, I am checking out the site I work for, before going to bed, and I notice a story I hadn’t read or heard about.

I go to see out who had tweeted the story that evening, (I am curious of our audience) and lo and behold, I see a sponsored tweet, purchased in EARLY JANUARY.

I had no idea these sponsored tweets had that long of a shelf life. Seem like a good value, now that I think about it (or so I thought, at the time).

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Some viewbot extras…

YouTubers who enjoyed my story of the digital Bonnie & Clyde couple will be tickled pink by the screengrabs below, that I did not include in the Daily Dot article.

Because, you know, I have a soft spot for females.

(Also, would have made the story way too complicated.)

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