I was born in Budapest, and escaped the evils of communism at a young age. When I was four, I jumped a fence, fought a guard, disarmed fifteen land mines, and swam across the Atlantic to New York City. Basically. (A more truthful, less exaggerated version of my coming to America story can be found here.)

I grew up on Roosevelt Island, where I buried a pet in a traffic circle, played street hockey, and never learned how to drive. I now reside in Albany Park, on the Northwest side of Chicago. I’m an amateur gardener, neighborhood and internet activist, avid animal lover, gamer, pauper, empress, reformed goth and recovering party-girl, wanna-be part-time (still scared) vlogger and award-winning poet.

twitter me @FruzsE

e-mail my gmail @ fruzsina.eordogh

Following the shuttering of True/Slant and my refusal to continue writing about student finances for AOL, I currently freelance,  write a monthly street art column for  Chicago Art Magazine, contribute to  various Patch sites serving the north suburbs, and I maintain a hyperlocal blog/forum (with an emphasis on community service) about my neighborhood.

After working at the start-up digital publication the Daily Dot from June 2011 – 2012, I am freelance once again (again by choice), this time for the SAY Media properties ReadWriteWeb and xoJane. I am starting to blog again about my neighborhood, despite my feelings about EveryBlock.

January 2013 update:  After a twoish-monthlong stint blogging at Slate, my first op/ed for the Guardian is here. I still write for the now rebranded ReadWrite.

October 2013 update: The start-up VideoInk did not pan out due to differences, and NewMediaRockstars (where I occasionally freelanced) has been shut down. I’ve been blogging for Vice’s Motherboard since March and LadyBits on Medium since August. I don’t bother with Thought Catalog anymore as they never paid me and don’t respond to my emails regarding payment.

Media Appearances
















TV/Livestreaming/News Hangouts


Social Media PTSD: http://blog.muckrack.com/post/38134020528/muckedup-chat-tuesday-social-media-ptsd


The College Drop Out Crisis: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/college-dropout-crisis/51014eae2b8c2a03d900030b

Designer Vaginas: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/labiaplasty-surgery-vagina-/51630ea678c90a2f24000459


How Freelancers Define Success: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/segment/third-metric-freelancers-and-success/52f90c7e78c90a53980000ff

Conferences/Panels/Public Speaking 


Columbia College; Sixty Inches from Center contemporary graffiti exhibit, closing panel



University of Chicago; CCIJ Conference, panel on hyperlocal blogging



North Park University; Guest speaker for Asst. Prof Kristie Vuocolo’s Spring semester journalism class


SXSW; Reddit panel on Is it Possible to Change Someone’s View Online?


2 Comments on “About”

  1. T Bell says:

    Dear Fruzinae (1) you cannot complain about “feedback” given what you write. (2) I expect you will now be recommending to google and twitter and youtube that they censor all mention of “Russia Collusion” as it emerges that it was a conspiracy from the other side. And what you label conspiracy theory turns out not to be.

  2. vonPapp says:

    ‘escaped the evils of communism’ Yet, you are clearly a lazyass marxist anarchist.
    Cheers from Hungary.

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