PlayStation FAILS by not making reality show accessible off its console

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A new  video game reality TV show premiered yesterday, called “The Tester“.  PlayStation is looking for a video game tester, and 11 contestants are competing for this very esteemed position.  I was excited to watch “The Tester” for a couple of reasons:

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Cleveland sucks harder than Chicago

This year Cleveland takes the top spot in our third annual ranking of America’s Most Miserable Cities. Cleveland secured the position thanks to its high unemployment, high taxes, lousy weather, corruption by public officials and crummy sports teams (Cavaliers of the NBA excepted).

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Damn you Forbes. How could you do this to us?  Chicago needs to be number 1 in something…. We have the highest sales tax, and the highest level of corruption, among other things!? Chicago deserves to be the worst city in the United States…

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Fruzs is going gaming

A gameplay screenshot.

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Yes, I will still sometimes write about public art and protesters, but my focus will be on video games from a female perspective. This switch should have happened last week, and it took Paul Tassi’s newest post “Why My Life Filled with Video Games is Not A Waste” to get me thinking seriously about this endeavor. Let me first introduce myself:

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Love me, I just quit smoking…


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Yes, I realize this space is not for me to share personal experiences, but I thought I would share with my fellow T/Sers my struggles. This is also a ploy to get some cyber sympathy, some pats on the back and words of encouragement… so please leave them below. I need them.

I started smoking when I was 16 because I thought I was a bad-ass, and I was rebelling against my parents and my catholic school institution. I don’t think I got addicted then, it was more “let’s go to Central Park after school and smoke cigs before we go home”. In college it was a different story as access was easy. I was 18, and shopkeepers could not refuse my requests. My health deteriorated over the years, my clothes began to reek, and I lost my sense of smell. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicago needs a hero

Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face in The Dark Knight

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There is something wrong with the people in Chicago. I’ve come to the conclusion that Chicagoans are masochists. Or they are insanely depressed and they revel in their misery. Why?  Before I go into the political scandal running through the media tubes right now, let me first consider the weather.

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