Friday GIF-asm.

It’s the Friday before New Years Eve.

These are the GIFs I looked at, or used today.

From the Daily Dot’s daily feature, “The Morning GIF.”

I just discovered the novelty account on Reddit, Replies_with_GIFs. The following are just a few of the ones s/he used today.

One of my bosses was being … ah, a little annoyed with me earlier, because I keep asking about a bug we can’t fix. (Not our fault) So I found these.


I don’t know how I found this one.

The Internet is good

Yesterday, the social media site found a depressed and bullied kid’s YouTube video. Titled “Reddit, let’s make this kids day and give him some support,” the video, and response will make you cry.

Looking at the YouTube page right now, every single minute brings hundreds of positive comments. I cannot keep up reading them all. The video is 3 months old, and is the only video on the channel.

261, 0000 views and 102,000 comments at 4pm CST.


12:20am  CST update: 

Jonah Mowry is fine, and thankful for all the attention, including from celebrities.

yes, the Internet made his Sunday 😉


Initial thoughts: TDR&R opening at Maxwell Colette

I arrive a little after 7pm, with three friends, one of whom had redeemed a free zipcar for the night. Our heads are full of “golden oldies,” because that was the only radio station we could settle on.

Maxwell Colette is easy to spot from down the block and across the heavily-trafficked street; tall  bright windows glow a soft yellow. The gallery is full, but not uncomfortably so, yet.

The space is warm not just in temperature and light, but also in sound.

I feel invited.
Text and Drugs and Rock & Roll Show

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