YouTube comments are troublesome.

Yesterday, 107 men had an unwanted gay thought, while watching a hot girl sing hot girl songs.

This unwanted gay thought, in what can only be assumed was a tragedy that befell these poor men, was a symptom of the  “women don’t exist on the Internet” disease.

This time, a  x3LilPinnytjuhx3  was directly responsible.

Her username is androgynous.  When one reads it, one has to ask, was it just a random smattering of letters? Does LilPinny reference a penis? Or Miss Penny?

There is nothing that directly tells the reader x3LilPinnytjuhx3 is female.

Shame on her.

Her forgetfulness and inability to clearly portray that she is a female on the Internet, had dire consequences yesterday.

Does x3LilPinnytjuhx3 know the pain she  caused?

It is doubtful.

Thank goodness for Phobos2009USWest, for warning his fellow males of the footage between 1:40 – 1:46 .

No homo, indeed.

Today’s modern youth are preoccupied with their  sexuality,  and very easily corrupted by all the gay pride media everywhere.

Who knows what lasting consequences seeing the footage between  1:40 – 1:46 will have on young, impressionable internet-using men?

And what about all the gay positive TV these days!?

Such incidents can be avoided in the future if women clearly labeled themselves as females, especially if they are ogling males.

Unwanted homoerotic thoughts are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

God knows, the Internet is for men to ogle at women, not the other way around!


This fire-side chat, by the Texas-ranch owning Fruzsi, was brought to you by these tweets from my boss.

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