Google thinks I am a male, too.

What would I have to search, for Google to think I was a female?

I was inspired by my new Twitter follow/follower Continuants, to investigate what Google thinks of me in their Ads Preferences.

My work gmail, which I thought was kind of odd. Drums? Clubs? PDAs? Nope. I don’t even write about that stuff…

and my personal gmail, which I sign into after work hours. Besides the gender, and the hiphop, it was somewhat accurate?

Corporations, Companies, and Supporters of SOPA

If this Pastebin document, created by Anonymous members involved in Operation Hiroshima, is to be believed, the following companies lobbied Congress in support of SOPA.

I smell a boycott… and the weird thing about this list is, how are most of these companies affected by online piracy? Especially all these clothing companies…



ABRO Industries, Inc.

Acushnet Company

Adidas America 

Bose Coporation


CBS Corporation

Chanel USA


Columbia Sportswear

Dolce & Gabbana

Electronic Arts, Inc. (individuals within have voiced opposition?)

Entertainment Software Association

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Really, I am writing this all for a piece I am posting on my recently resuscitated hyper-local blog the Albany Park Post (hopefully), in which I explain how EveryBlock broke my heart.

You could also call this a “self-promotional” post, and when I feel like updating my “about” page, I will probably replace the text with the following:

I was hired by the Daily Dot officially in June. This is my first real grown up job, so I don’t want to fuck it up. I work way more than 8 hours a day, leaving very little time for other blogging. This explains my silence across multiple platforms I used to write on.

The Daily Dot’s public beta launched in September.

Since our public beta launch in September, my work has been linked to  (or can I cheat like every other writer and say “featured”?) on The New Yorker, the New York Times, Media Bistro, TechCrunch, TechMeme, USA Today, Gawker, Venture Beat, Time Magazine, The Daily What, others I can’t even remember but appreciate dearly, and most recently, Time Out Chicago and  The Atlantic.

I was also interviewed by the Guardian, and Sky News.

July 20, 2012 edit: my hyperlocal blog on Windy Citizen, which I will insist until my dying day was the uncredited prototype for EveryBlock, has gone down with the Windy Citizen site. All of my writing there, covering local crime, police meetings, criticisms of my alderman, attempts at fostering civic pride, garbage pick-ups and community gatherings, have disappeared. Thankfully, in a fit of unusual foresight,  the post I wrote “THIS IS A SELF-BRANDING POST”  to link to  was copied onto the original blogspot site.