The Urban Soundscape (and why we should care about poor people’s shit)

Bernie Krause’s New York Times Op-ed “The Sound of a Damaged Habitat” gave me chills it was so good a (short!) read. Somehow, Krause gets away with describing the sounds of birds and bugs as an “orchestra,” and it doesn’t come off as cheesy. Damn! As a writer I am impressed.

What freaked me the fuck out, however, was how important sound – noise, din, the daily racket, whatever you want to call it-  is, to things that are living.

Rereading that sentence makes me want to go “duh:” it should be a no-brainer that animals don’t like loud noises and we can tell a lot about a habitat by the sounds we hear in it. As Krause pointed out, however, “too little research has been done in the field of biophonics” so running around saying “duh” to the research that has been done wouldn’t be encouraging to any scientist, I suppose.     Read the rest of this entry »

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now write for RWW… (and my infamous “reply girls” series in one location!)

If you didn’t notice from when I changed my Twitter bio, I’ve been writing (freelance) at RWW for a couple weeks now. I got my first paycheck a couple of days ago, so that mean it’s official at RWW, right!? Right.

I am still adjusting to the new place and their new way of doing things, and I realize it will take time given RWW is also going through a transition/SAY Media acquisition, so again, I am not worried. xoJane is also catching my eye, if you catch my drift.

While I make this new job transition, I thought it would be helpful to look back at my time at the Daily Dot, the first start-up I’ve worked for (if you don’t count True/Slant and various Patch sites).

Many folks will claim to have “discovered me,” this I know, but I can credit the Daily Dot with landing me my first radio appearance, on NPR’s On The Media.

OTM contacted me over my reply girl series, a series of YouTube community articles about women who were using their cleavage to exploit the site’s algorithm, and the backlash against them revealed a level of sexism and misogyny I wasn’t expecting. After I broke the story, Gawker’s Max Read brought my series national attention, and Fox News even decided to do their own bastardized version of my stories. It was very clear they didn’t understand the subject matter.

The Daily Dot doesn’t have a way to group the stories together, but for those of you that are interested, here you go: Read the rest of this entry »