Now this here, is a real reply girl…

I’ve been writing about “reply girls,” this YouTube phenom for those that don’t know, for the last couple of days. Which means I’ve been knee-deep in YouTube drama for that entire time.

Yeah, some of you may make fun of me for what my work has become. You snooty business reporters,  activists, gardening bloggers, social media consultants!   (I sometimes make fun of myself for not keeping up on what my alderman, or Mayor Emanuel is doing. Don’t give me more shit than I already give myself, please…)

Some part of me respects these ladies for figuring out how to game the system in such a short amount of time. It’s ingenious?  And my heart goes out to these ladies, for the amount of cyber abuse they are getting now, just because they were able to effectively highlight this flaw (not just in YouTube, but in human nature).

Nothing sadder than a reply girl in a push-up trying to choke back tears for the third day in a row.

This moment, in my research, made me laugh. (You wouldn’t get it if you didn’t know YouTube.)

I must have you, Linda Perry.

I am trying to get Linda Perry to comment on a particular video. No, not the video embedded above.

And no, I am not trying to seduce her either, at least not in the way the LiveLavaLive video implies.

I take Internet folklore and its art very seriously, and so far Perry, who I guess is very busy promoting her new CD or whatever,  has yet to respond to my interview requests.

Linda Perry, Internet folklore, art, what the what?

Earlier this week I interviewed Slackcircus, the animation company that created “Fabulous Secret Powers” in 2005, which became known as the “He-man sings” meme. The song Prince Adam sings is none other than Linda Perry’s “What’s Up?” song from when she was in 4 Non Blondes.

Slackcircus meant no disrespect by that video, Perry. They just wanted to make the world laugh.

And I don’t mean any disrespect either, by bothering you about this video, which could potentially be seen as embarrassing. No mocking going on over here, I promise.

The above video, song, meme, whatever,  has been my particular jam for months.

In fact, it’s my favorite piece of Internet folklore art in the entire digital world. Has been for years.

I love it so much, Perry, that after I hit publish, I am going to create a Know Your Meme account, just so I can clean up the entry that database has on this “meme.”

minutes later update:



I saw this video of Nellie McKay on Twitter.

Has my life changed?

I think it might have….

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