My ‘Druid’ self has been enjoying Lost at E Minor lately

The druid in me (yes, I played D&D) wishes to have these items:

a very soft carpet by a Dutchman, acting as art : the roadkill carpet (though perhaps the novelty will wear off in 24 hours)

these animalistic hairstyles by a Japanese designer

and, prints by this Arizonian artist. The bright colors, patterns and style fit with the 60’s styled black, grey, white, dark and light brown (monochrome maybe) furniture I have.  Some of his stuff actually pushes me to make my own though… Hmmm.

Rahm Emanuel goes from Top Dog to Underdog

Rahm Emanuel (right) and Senator Dick Durbin (...

Rahm is bored by Jan's speech. Image via Wikipedia

I don’t know what it is about Chicago and the new Millennium, but this city is determined to remain in the media spotlight. In two years, Chicago has tirelessly churned out nationally compelling news stories:  Obama’s presidency,  Blagojevich’s absurdity, the botched privatization of the parking meters, the failed Olympic bid,  last years violent summer including Derrion Albert’s death, King Daley’s shocking retirement, and now, the latest,  Rahm Emanuel’s right to run for mayor of Chicago. Read the rest of this entry »


A new decree! All men with nice bodies should wear bathing suits like the ones below:

(this image was found on Palm Beach State College Humanities blogspot)

diy: bibliophile’s party shoes (via Life and Art of Andrea Rodgers)

Neat way of updating and fixing your wedged shoes…

diy: bibliophile's party shoes Helloo everyone! It is Monday again, which just means we are closer to next Friday. Or something like that. Anyway if you have a party you plan on going to this weekend, do you have fantastic party shoes? What about some fun and funky personalized shoes? Well then here you go. This year I want to be more resourceful and respectful when it comes to my wardrobe. So when I noticed my favorite casual heels were in a state of disrepair I decided I had … Read More

via Life and Art of Andrea Rodgers

Thrift Store Adventure: Fat ‘Bruce Campbell’-like Mooning Toy

I will never write a thrift store guide for Chicago.  I don’t want people to know where to go to get amazing second-hand clothing, so don’t ask…  I am too selfish, and finding lovely clothing for less than 3 dollars is one of the few joys in my life.

On my most recent trip, to a store I rarely frequent, I discovered a plastic toy that plugs to your cars back windshield:

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Bisexuals get no LGBT love, apparently

The bisexual pride flag.

wtf, bisexuals have a flag too? Where is the straight flag!?!?! Image via Wikipedia

So I was browsing reddit, like I do, and I happened upon a mother telling her daughter she is a slut if she is bi. This shared text exchange caused me to revisit a bar conversation I had recently with sex journalist Rabbit White. Our conversation started out with the discussion of the  “queer” label’s rising popularity, but quickly moved over to the black sheep of the LGBT community: the bisexuals. The general feeling is either bisexuals are whores at heart or don’t know they’re gay yet.

This was news to me, but you’ll have to forgive me on this one – I never got into the whole LGBT community because a) I am not one for “groups”, b) I don’t really go around announcing my sexual orientation and c) I exhibit no visual markers or cues through my clothing or hair so my bisexuality rarely comes up. My sexual orientation is my own personal business, so in my silence I guess people  assume I am straight?  I never felt the need to “out” myself as a bisexual, but I think this is the problem the community has with me. I am either “confused”, an artsy chick trying to be edgy, or worse, one of those curious girls kissing each other at a frat party for “top dog” status.  Read the rest of this entry »

My Missed Connection, in Junior High

I had this moment happen to me early last year, when reflecting on my Junior High self:

This crush of mine lasted for a couple of years, and I would get so hot and bothered watching this particular male make jokes or play dodgeball.  I wrote hopelessly in my diary every night, wishing this boy would ask me out. I would burn with jealousy when I saw him with another girl.  After two years of this, I grew content with the idea of unrequited love.

I still remember how happy I was this one time he accidentally fell on me, during some game in the gym involving a ball.

There was a span of a couple months (or weeks?) though, when this boy would call me like clockwork every night, to get the homework assignment. A recent rereading of that diary revealed my puzzlement over why this boy did not write down the daily assignments when they were posted on the chalkboard.