a new website to help you insult people

The Lion's mane jellyfish, Cyanea capillata, i...

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Chicago’s Thrillist brought this new website to my attention today.  You send an anonymous e-mail, complete with a cute-turned-gross animation to someone who pissed you off in an effort to “balance out the Karmic inequities that make the other 364 days of the year f***ing suck”.  Bitchegg.com says:

It’s a way to feel like you’ve done something to stand up for yourself instead of collapsing like the spineless jellyfish that you usually act like.

(woah, way to insult your potential user!)

The website lets you make your own 200 character message, or if you lack creativity, offers 6 messages you can choose from.  My favorite is: ” Your breath smells like I just walked into an old ladies vagina, who wipes from the front.” Very vulgar, I know. It made me chuckle. The 4 animations that go along with the message are a bit choppy and uncouth- and all involve the little birdie that is Bitchegg’s mascot. You can choose between the birdie being eaten by a whale, farting, vomiting, or pooping. It’s childish, and more hilarious in a real laugh-out-loud way than it is insulting. I wouldn’t send bitchegg to my enemies, but I think my friends would deserve it.

I guess I am old-school, but I don’t get the anonymous “cyber-bullying” and passive aggressive nature of site like this. Sending a nasty e-mail won’t make me feel better- standing up for myself in “real life” would. I want to look into the person’s eyes, and feel my palms sweat as my heart pumps adrenalin. It’s a more satisfying experience….I am no spineless jellyfish.