Verizon/ Sprint 4G Commercial Showdown

Now that I mainly watch all my TV through the internet, I am exposed to very few commercials – but because of the way commercials are sold on the internet, I get very familiar with certain advertisements. And yeah, I actually like writing about commercials so expect more on a regular basis.  (Someone told me commercials on the internet are just old TV commercials, and if this is true I am very disappointed. I am going to pretend otherwise…you hear that, ad firms? I want you to make ads specifically for me!)

Let’s weigh in on the commercial battle between 4G smartphones not named after fruit. Verizon 4G LTE and HTC EVO Shift 4G appear to be competing for the same market; if you see one during internet programming, you are sure to see the other shortly after. The Verizon commercials are very MythBusters-y with countdowns, a sense of urgency, and the occasional explosion.

Upon watching one of these commercials, one notices a lack of hard data. How many kilobytes were downloaded? How many seconds was that? What are the sizes of these files? What are the  900, feet? I like that Verizon is trying to sell me with science, but if they’re going to do it they can’t half-ass it. Watching the video on youtube reveals white text on the bottom of the screen –  for 2 seconds –  revealing Verizon’s 4G network is nothing special. Or so say the internet commenters.

Sprint goes with a graphic approach, displaying all the wonderful things people say about the phone to upbeat (and catchy) music and cute but slowly moving robots.

The Sprint commercial would be better with less talking  –  but they can’t all be car commercials. Sprint doesn’t imply fake claims,  mislead me with science rhetoric or prey on my love of MythBusters.  After watching the Verizon commercial and becoming irritated by their blatant pandering to my consumer group, the 30 second Sprint commercial actually makes me happy. Sprint gives me bright colors, cheerful music, and friendly feelings towards our future synthetic overlords. What’s not to love!?

Sprint – 1

Verizon – 0