When I was Late on September 11th

me with twin towers

Me at the Statue of Liberty trying to point at the plane flying over the WTC

The train had rocked most of us on this New Brunswick to Penn Station train to sleep but not me; My MP3 CD with 100+ songs burned from Napster had not yet lost its novelty. I was listening to the Cure as a good teen Catholic high school pseudo-goth when a man sitting by the window blurted out, “there’s a fire!”

We were about to go under the tunnel, still on the New Jersey side. When the buildings cleared again before we descended under the river the few people that had gathered peered out but the angle had changed, or the wind picked up. We didn’t see anything. “I saw smoke” said the man. “I really did.” We were unconvinced, and returned to our seats. I focused on the task at hand: filling out a yellow slip and forging the signature of my school’s lobby receptionist.

I was late, really late, and when you were late at my school, you had to check in at the front desk to collect a slip, which you then gave to your teacher. Once you collected three, you got detention. I was late a lot — my parents had moved out to New Brunswick for the birth of my step-brother and I was having trouble catching the 6:20 train every day to get to school on time– which is where the stolen packet of late slips came in. On September 11th, I was on the 8am so I was “missed first period” late.

Riding the 6 train and running the couple of blocks to my school felt odd but I attributed it to rush hour being over. A classmate let me in the side door and I bounded up the stairs, my teacher waving my late slip away not even bothering to sign it. Class was not in session, everyone was talking about the Twin Towers. That man on the train was telling the truth!!! My chemistry teacher burst into the room and ordered everyone into the basement. We were under attack. The Pentagon had just been hit. Read the rest of this entry »

Beautiful architecture soothes my post-9/11 soul

I told my mate that when the World Trade Center Transportation Hub was complete, it is time for me to move back to New York City.  I don’t care as much about the other buildings in the WTC place- they don’t symbolize the rebirth of NYC quite like the Transportation Hub. And check out the WTC memorial – you know drunk fools  are going to fall in those pools at some point.

My mate naturally objected, he complained of the NYC prices and the cramped living spaces – but ultimately agreed on the superiority of Santiago Calatrava’s design.

I want to live in a city with the  most beautiful subway station in the world…

Hey New York City – If you never build this structure I will never forgive you.

Also, Port Authority, if you do a crappy job at continuous maintenance, this hub with become Pigeon Central.

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September 11th has come and gone….

Should  I have written about September 11th yesterday, considering I was there on 2001, stuck in midtown when the city went into lockdown?

I didn’t want my voice to be part of the media circle-jerk, or the mosque protest/Quran burning madness.

Maybe I will write about it for the 10 year anniversary.

Wait… Did I just write “10 year”? Has it been 9 years already?

And no memorial has been built on that site yet (the lights don’t count, sorry)….?
Shameful. Absolutely shameful.


The Mothership Arrives