Look at Digg Suck Corporate Dick

Kevin Rose on the cover of BusinessWeek.

this cover is cringe-worthy

Sure, perhaps I am being overtly dramatic here about Digg’s demise, but I personally will no longer use the site in the same way. I oscillated between digg and reddit, but now digg’s user face is too obnoxious and heartbreaking to look at, and the whole mainstream/corporate /algorithm problem is even more broken than it was before….

The new Digg has removed all of the unique aspects of the original product. What is left is horrid and depressing. It is no wonder Matt Van Horn left Digg when the new version went online.

I used to tell people I met on the street about digg. I would get excited – here was a democratic form of information gathering and media sharing. I would tell them of users submitting stories, with users voting for the stories, and based off the amount of votes that story got, the rest of the site would read it too. Everyone played a part.  I trusted the people on digg to filter out worthwhile, intelligent news stories. The digg user base had no corporate alliance, and no interest in twittering or facebooking news items, or the importance of those sharing numbers.

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