I am a classy lady… with photos to prove it


Photographs by Chris Murphy, for YourShootingSpace.com, a fully stocked space with tons of lighting EQ, including shit I’ve never seen before. Ruben is a built-in gaffer and comes with the price, if you need help using anything.

A black and white portrait of me, similar to the one above, can be viewed here (and I totally look like KGB).

Or, if you want to see me making classic kissy faces, here’s me with one hand, and here is me using two hands. Photos from the other two photographers won’t be available for another week – I got these already because the photog is my mate! 😉

Victorian ladies did collage art

The ˝Playing With Pictures: The Art of Victorian Photocollage˝ exhibit over at the Art Institute is showing for only a couple more days. This particular exhibit features collages in photo albums created by the wealthiest Victorian women. The art of photography was brand new back then, and only the most well to do families had access to a camera. The fact that these women were able to cut up these photographs spoke of their wealth. The majority of books are too old and fragile to allow you to flip through them, so the exhibit curators scanned the artwork onto a number of moniters for easy access. The Playing With Pictures exhibit is small, but very well put together. collage art victorian

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