The 'Dance Central' Work Out

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I knew about the “Portal 2” announcement and the newest Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer before E3, so I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of the convention that would shatter my hum-drum gaming existence.

But then I saw “Dance Central“.

I think it was love at first sight.

I tried to resist. Dance Central? Please, Fruzs, have some gaming class.  I can’t buy an Xbox and Kinect just for “Dance Central”. I am part of the “Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” – not some ninny scum “Dirty Console Gaming Peasant”. But then I remembered how much I love dancing.  And then I noticed this game actually teaches you different dance moves – moves I’ve never attempted before.

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This isn’t DDR, where I jump around pressing buttons to the beat with my feet, and nothing happens with my upper body (DDR is no  “glorified tap dancing“).  And I do like this idea of making “working out” a game. Sure, marathon running or sprinting is a great skill to have if I needed to worry about the impeding Apocalypse, but I’ll take my dancing in my home with weights over running on pavement every 6am any day.

[youtubevid id=”EOIVaPryg8w”]

I never got into the Wii Fit, with its balance board, or yoga  in general, because I much prefer high impact workouts, like jump roping, or dancing in my apartment with weights. Why not just play this game with some light 2 – 3 pound weights around your wrists?   (psst, “gamer girls”, if you post videos of yourself playing this game with weights come November, you must link here, or I will get very mad.)

I would to take this moment to challenge you,  Kristen from GameMeetsGirl, to a Dance  Off.

Chicago theater continues to dominate

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Two Chicago Dramatist members have been nominated for Ovation Awards from the LA Stage Alliance. The LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards are the only peer-judged theater awards in LA. Lydia Diamond’s play Stick Fly has been nominated for Best Production, Director, Ensemble, Lighting and Scenic, and rising playwright darling Keith Huff received two nominations for his play The Bird And Mr. Banks, for Best Actor and Best Sound Design. For you non-theater buffs, Huff’s A Steady Rain is raking in cash and praise over on Broadway right now (the casting of Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig doesn’t hurt).

Lydia Diamond’s Stick Fly is unusual as it provides a glimpse into the lives of wealthy African-Americans living in Martha’s Vineyard, and the humorous clash with their lower-class family when they come to visit. The play delivers a love story as well as social, political and historical discussion. Read a review of the show here.

Keith Huff’s The Bird and Mr. Banks has a small cast, but focuses on the male lead, a Mr. Banks with a penchant for blood and birds. Mr. Banks, like any good horror character  lives in a house resembling “Norman Bates Modern”. The play is a bit gruesome, and the Best Sound Scape nomination is understandable once you know the play’s synopsis.

And in case you haven’t heard, the duo that brought us the Tony Award winning Urinetown are doing quite well with their newest musical number Yeast Nation: The Triumph of Life.  Playwrights Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis chose the ancient primordial soup as the backdrop for Yeast Nation, and the play has been so popular that its run has been extended until November 8th.  Yeast Nation recently received a Joseph Jefferson Award nomination (the Tony’s equivalent of Chicago).