Artist sues supply store over defective gloss

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Image by mamamusings via Flickr

Artist Juan Carlos Macias is suing Good’s of Evanston over defective gloss:

In a lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court, Macias alleges that an Evanston store sold him defective art supplies, including a professional-grade gloss, which caused at least 12 of his paintings and artworks to deteriorate, fade and deform.

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The whole lawsuit is puzzling as the manufacturer says this is the first they have heard of the gloss being defective after manufacturing it for 26 years.  I searched the internet, and it appears as if Macias is indeed the first to make this claim. I am not personally familiar with Golden Gel Semi- gloss, but it’s hard to deny Macias’ troubles as he  already had to refund one gallery because his work was fading.  Something is clearly wrong if we still have paintings from the Renaissance and  Macias’ work is deteriorating.

Juan Carlos Macias did the the mosaic artwork at the renovated Irving Park Brown Line stop.