My Missed Connection, in Junior High

I had this moment happen to me early last year, when reflecting on my Junior High self:

This crush of mine lasted for a couple of years, and I would get so hot and bothered watching this particular male make jokes or play dodgeball.  I wrote hopelessly in my diary every night, wishing this boy would ask me out. I would burn with jealousy when I saw him with another girl.  After two years of this, I grew content with the idea of unrequited love.

I still remember how happy I was this one time he accidentally fell on me, during some game in the gym involving a ball.

There was a span of a couple months (or weeks?) though, when this boy would call me like clockwork every night, to get the homework assignment. A recent rereading of that diary revealed my puzzlement over why this boy did not write down the daily assignments when they were posted on the chalkboard.