words of wisdom, found in YouTube comments

“people who write fail or fake and gay are them selfs just TROLLS !!!!!! i love them they make me laugh my ass off , and your youtube video doesn’t mean shit until people write fake and gay on your page”  via  117dallas 5 hours ago

bolded emphasis mine, found on this Leeloo impression video here

Media Update on the troll Tamtampamela

project 365 #17: troll dolls

Image by mygothlaundry via Flickr

Ugh. I did not want to update my wordpress again today, because I like having the picture of me interviewing Rahm Emanuel on my front page, but it can’t be helped. I want the world to know (well, potential employers) that I broke the news that tamtampamela was a troll (see my time stamp)…  Read the rest of this entry »