I think CBS gets it! (And I don’t…)

Entrance Chandelier at 4043 N Ravenswood Chicago

Image by MikeBash via Flickr

Recently, my hyperlocal sister site covering Chicago’s north side (I say sister because Center Square Journal covers a couple neighborhoods on the other side of the Chicago River) broke a story on the Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce closing down due to what appears to be financial mismanagement and increasing levels of corruption.

CBS also picked up this story, and credited the Center Square Journal. I am happy for the fabulous Sam Abernethy (full disclosure: she is my friend!), but also a little miffed.

I understand why CBS would attribute a website like Center Square Journal as the CSJ acts like an independent news site, and not a community blog like my Albany Park Post.

However, I really want to be attributed more on local networks for news I break. Is this the time for me to break the blogging format, and write news pieces without the “I”? If I do this, will I alienate the neighbors I have been slowly cultivating that occasionally blog on the site about neighborhood issues? Or perhaps my whole notion of getting people more involved in neighborhood affairs by writing about it is misguided….

Time will tell….

What is also very interesting about the above linked CBS piece is there are multiple links embedded in the story – both to appropriate webpages on the internet, but also to the actual CSJ piece, a traffic sharing method traditional news outlets have been slow to adopt.