Getting Paid for Community Journalism warms my Heart

Thus begins my freelancing for Patch…

I love hating on “the man” , but 2011 has me still working for AOL. For those that don’t know me, for a while I was writing on AOL’s Walletpop, but I knew the day I was recruited that I would not write for Walletpop’s Money College for long  as I had a very hard time in college. I thought my depression sucked when I was a teenager, but damn, college was a whole other story. This one piece of mine is still one of their all-time traffic getters though (I am being modest – I should really say “top story ever”)…

More than one writer/journalist friend has told me how rewarding community journalism was for them, and I definately feel that way just from blogging about my neighborhood. Getting paid to do community journalism, however, is the cake.

For Wilmette-Kenilworth’s Patch, I will be profiling candidates running for  local office. You can read my first interview here.

I leveled up as a blogger

One of my latest posts for my neighborhood community service blog, about this gym that looks more and more like a scam, was picked up by CBS (watch the video here). Naturally, I am flattered. And the journo who did my piece is so poised and lovely.

No credit… but so it goes with traditional mainstream media! Great conversations in the comments on the merits of both media at this link here, including The Parking Ticket Geek’s idea on how to attribute bloggers and save networks money at the same time.