A photoshoot!!!

So I did this photoshoot thing for ReadWriteWeb’s new redesign, done to their specs:


From there I got a new Facebook and Twitter picture:

And then things got wacky, because this is a photoshoot, and people get wacky on photoshoots duh.

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Umlauts and My Hungarian-American Identity

Special keys of a Hungarian keyboard. Such key...

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Now that True/Slant is winding down and will cease to exist and I go looking for another website where I can spew my half-hearted written agenda, I have arrived at the very important decision of using the umlauts in my name.

Fruzsina Eördögh

Fruzsina comes from the greek goddess “Euphrosyne” but in Communist countries, being named after a god is frowned upon, so the “eu” was chopped off.

Eördögh alludes to the Hungarian word for little devil– like a tricky imp, a demon faun of the lesser order. I will continue to pronouce Eördögh in the weird French way that I do, because I don’t want to listen to Americans attempt to roll their “r’s”.

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