ModCloth is stalking me

I love ModCloth.

I’ve loved that website for years now – long before it became as popular as it is now. I loved ModCloth before you could vote on upcoming products, before the site got a face-lift and before the ModCloth blog was all fancy and an easily accessible part of the site.

I love ModCloth to such an extent that I check the site almost daily. When I go to local boutiques, I can spot the products seen on ModCloth in a heartbeat. I love the site so much I don’t even care that a mutant dog is their mascot (see “Health”).

Being the living-on-$500-a-month-if-I-am-lucky kind of gal that I am, I never actually ordered anything from ModCloth (rent and food is important, yo!).  My relationship with ModCloth revolves around me clicking the “love it” button, putting items on a wishlist titled “when I have money”, and making check-out baskets. My relationship is rather one-sided, but at least it makes me happy.

Now imagine my face upon discovering a top named after me:   >:O

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On missing True/Slant

MissPress 2

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I miss  reading great material by other writers….

I miss the community even if I didn’t fully engage in it…

I miss the comments and the intelligent conversations….

I miss the small wage…

(I just added Zemanta  because it reminds me of T/S.)

I am always late to these things….I didn’t even post a farewell post on my column.

Cleveland sucks harder than Chicago

This year Cleveland takes the top spot in our third annual ranking of America’s Most Miserable Cities. Cleveland secured the position thanks to its high unemployment, high taxes, lousy weather, corruption by public officials and crummy sports teams (Cavaliers of the NBA excepted).

via America’s Most Miserable Cities –

Damn you Forbes. How could you do this to us?  Chicago needs to be number 1 in something…. We have the highest sales tax, and the highest level of corruption, among other things!? Chicago deserves to be the worst city in the United States…

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