Indie Fallout 3-inspired movie in the works

I have long been saying that Fallout 3 was an amazing game, if not one of the best ever made. From the story line, to the creatures, to the post-apocalyptic  environment, the game play to the music (I cannot decide if “Mighty Mighty Man” is my favorite song, or if “I don’t want to set the world on fire” is ), to showing women have hair above their lip too… oh my lord, just talking about Fallout 3 gets me excited in a variety of ways.  It’s not just me though, that adores this game in a borderline fanatical way. Check out this fan movie inspired by Fallout 3 titled “Desert Story”:

[youtubevid id=”dw1Vh9Yzryo”]

You may be wondering why at the end of the film the two females didn’t go with the male hero, off into the wilderness. The Fallout 3 universe includes people who are not cookie – cutter good or bad, or who think logically- these two females decide to stay in their home. Most likely they were raped, mistrust all people except for themselves (because how could you get by in that world looking like they do without becoming prostitutes or sex slaves?) , and figure they’d be better off without the male hero.

If you want to be good in Fallout 3, you have to accept that sometimes you will save bad people from bad people, or saving people doesn’t necessarily influence their decisions in any way. Even if you saved two females,  that doesn’t mean they’d join your party. By staying with each other, the freed  “prostitutes”  are unintentionally feminist,  as opposed to the hero who is  intentionally feminist by treating the hookers as people.

I now have a small writer crush on Tim Pape  (why didn’t I think of this, dammit!).  Wild Gunmen has an interview with the Papes here, where it is revealed there will be 2 more episodes in the same vein, and a feature length movie that is already “partially funded” titled Black Velvet.  (oh, what would I do to be cast in this?!)  For another interview with the Papes, check out, where the Papes mention the next two short installments are inspired by Zelda and The Princess Bride (<3!!!!!).

Another fan movie worth checking out is Law Abiding Engineer. Suck on that, Ebert!

A conspiracy theory for the discriminating conspiracy theorist

Picture taken of the atomic bombing of Nagasak...

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I am not trying to cause a panic- but there’s a conspiracy theory making the rounds on the internet about Chicago and tomorrow. The website responsible is here, and it’s most certainly a hoax. What reason does Obama have to bomb his city?  Oh, right, a poster on AboveTopSecret claims there is evidence in Chicago that proves Obama is not a natural-born citizen so he needs to destroy the whole city to erase this evidence. I love this conspiracy theory because it’s a chimera of others; part 9-11 truthers, part birthers, with a dash of 2012.

As for the website, digging reveals it was created on the 13th of September, and uses a proxy server out of Arizona. There is a hidden ticket counter on the website. There is no other information out there to reveal the creator or his/her intent. My guess is to scare, or the teenage internet rulers are doing another social experiment.  Maybe people just can’t wait until 2012 (if you haven’t heard yet, that’s when the world is going to end).

I have also seen versions of this rumor that say the bomber will be Osama bin Laden, because it’s the end of Ramadan, Rosh Hashana  and there is a new moon. Either way, the government and terrorists are both huge fans of numerology and are so disorganized that vital information like this can be leaked to the public. I’ve also seen this rumor on the infamous 4-chan boards and a few have made youtube videos about the conspiracy.

I know there’s going to be a huge let down tomorrow when it doesn’t happen, so I’m going to start my own conspiracy theory: On January 15th, of 2010, there will be an annular solar eclipse. This date is important because Edward Teller, the “father of the hydrogen bomb” was born on this date, as was Martin Luther King, Jr.  Naturally, this means Obama is going to drop a bomb on Mount Zion, Georgia on January 15th, 2010.  Why Mount Zion? 1 x 15 x 2010 equals Mount Zion’s zip code! Zion is also a Hebrew word, and we all know that Obama is a secret Muslim so he must hate the Jews.  The South has also been a thorn in Obama’s side, so if he could just obliterate that part of the US he could easily pass his liberal agenda.

….and on the off-chance that this actually does happen tomorrow, I’ve been preparing by playing Fallout 3 again.