China develops new missile, tells the US to ‘Beat It’

In case you have not heard, China has developed a new version of its already powerful “East Wind” missile, named DF-21D. The DF-21D makes the US military shake in their boots, as it shifts power over the Pacific Ocean to China.

Explained in laymen’s terms, the US navy cannot defend against this missile. This Chinese missile flies en mass into space, re-enters the earth’s atmosphere at enormous speeds on top of US carriers (making it hard for the US to pick up on radar) and then before impact, explodes into even smaller missiles. It is almost like shrapnel in principle (big explosive, with tiny ones inside), except this missile is specifically designed to destroy US carriers.

(notice the above video was created when news of the the DF-21D came out.)

Yeah, so the US no longer controls the Pacific. A little worrisome, but not really, because China would never do anything to hurt the US, considering we owe them almost a TRILLION dollars. If anything, this is to remind the US to leave North Korea and Taiwan alone.

And just for fun, here are Japanese and American Navy commercials re-mixed:

Both videos are also found on CollegeHumor, a site I visit dailyjust to watch their internet video selection (superb!) and original sketches.