Thrift Store Adventure: Fat ‘Bruce Campbell’-like Mooning Toy

I will never write a thrift store guide for Chicago.  I don’t want people to know where to go to get amazing second-hand clothing, so don’t ask…  I am too selfish, and finding lovely clothing for less than 3 dollars is one of the few joys in my life.

On my most recent trip, to a store I rarely frequent, I discovered a plastic toy that plugs to your cars back windshield:

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On Being An Extra in “The Dilemma”

On July 21st, approximately 700 extras arrived at the United Center to play Blackhawks fans in Ron Howard’s “The Dilemma”. I was one of them…

My journey begins at 4am, when I step outside to catch the Lawrence Bus. The quietness of the city was new and I instantly imagine myself embarking on an adventure. Two fellows the police could easily typecast as up-to-no-good are the only people out. The streets were so still, the water main over on Damen and Lawrence is deafening. After transferring to another bus, I meet a fellow extra on her way to the United Center.

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