Civilization 5 offends my Hungarian sensibilities

This post was written on a horse, while reading about Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary.

I understand Americans learn very little of Eastern Europe, so I don’t hold it against Civilization 5 for making Budapest a city-state instead of an actual civilization.  Sure sure, it hurts, but Americans get such lousy education these days  I can’t expect the Firaxis team to know that Hungary is one of the oldest  and best countries in Europe.

What I absolutely cannot dismiss, for its outright heart-piercing egregious nature, is the kind of city-state Budapest is: …militaristic. How is it that Bucharest, of Romania, is a “cultured city”, but Budapest is not? What has Bucharest contributed to the world?

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Veteran Street Art Defaced by Black Eyed Peas ads, Religious Intolerance

Originally published on Chicago Art Magazine here, and I thought I would repost it for some additional love. Hah!

Some time over the weekend, the Iraq veteran street art in Lincoln Squarewas covered over. The original work was of a printed paste featuring Rodney Watson, a veteran “seeking refuge in Vancouver, Canada” who refuses to return to Iraq because of the rampant racism he saw there. Rodney Watson was covered up by a Black Eyed Peas poster promoting their new album, and by “God Bless America” lyric print-outs. Read the rest of this entry »

Male Military Personnel Must Proclaim Sexual Orientation

Shifting Gears: A Bisexual Transmission

Are bisexuals the biggest threat to the military?!

Alternative title: “The partial defense of the Daily Caller writer advocating ‘converting’ lesbian soldiers through rape (or so accuses internet commenters)

or, second alternative title: “Straight Men in the Military Are Sex Obsessed:  Thoughts on Sexual Orientation Segregation

third alternative title: “The Marginalization of Straight Men Begins in the Military

Joe Rehyansky caused a stir last week in his “Don’t hint, don’t wink: An immodest proposal” piece over on The Daily Caller, where he makes homophobic statements indicative of his age, geographic location and upbringing.  The piece could very well be this Onion piece, and lesbians and under-fire feminists are enraged with some good, albeit wrong, reasons.

Despite the absurdity of Rehyansky’s written word, he touches a point rarely discussed: some men in the military fear homosexuals because they fear rape. I once commented on an unrelated Laurie Essig  piece, where I explain Rehyanksky’s fear before he even expressed it: Read the rest of this entry »

Veterans Bring the War Home to Chicago…

I realize it might be a good idea to update this wordpress with my writing  from other websites….

Reposted from Chicago Art Magazine:

The other day while walking to Lincoln Square, I couldn’t help but notice the newly placed political street art on boarded storefronts. A closer inspection of these paste-ups revealed the url, so naturally I went home to see what google could tell me. I was surprised, and a little heartbroken, to find absolutely no mainstream coverage of National Veterans Art Museum’s  November initiative “Chicago in War”, or their  participating organizations  Iraq Veterans Against the War and Just Seeds Artists Cooperative.

The Operation Exposure paste-ups showing up around town are a collaboration between Just Seeds and Iraq Veterans Against the War and are meant to accompany an exhibit at the Mess Hall.  The IVAW website states “Chicago in War” is a series of events, art exhibits, and performances designed to foster conversation between veterans and civilians.

Over a brief phone conversation, veteran and artist Aaron Hughes explained Operation Exposure as a way of “getting the word out on the street” and “what better way to change the landscape than by putting up stories of soldiers”.

A close-up of the paper plaque on the right, featuring 29 year old Rodney Watson, can be viewed here. Additional photos of Operation Exposure can be found on flickr at the Just Seeds flickr set here, and  here.

Besides Operation Exposure, Aaron Hughes has curated a show titled “Intrusive Thoughts” at the National Veterans Art Museum, on display until May 2011.  After Aaron Hughes’ first exhibit in 2006 at the then called National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, Hughes eventually went on to chair the museum’s art committee. “Intrusive Thoughts” is the first exhibit at the newly named National Veterans Art Museum and took Hughes about six months to curate. Read the rest of this entry »

September 11th has come and gone….

Should  I have written about September 11th yesterday, considering I was there on 2001, stuck in midtown when the city went into lockdown?

I didn’t want my voice to be part of the media circle-jerk, or the mosque protest/Quran burning madness.

Maybe I will write about it for the 10 year anniversary.

Wait… Did I just write “10 year”? Has it been 9 years already?

And no memorial has been built on that site yet (the lights don’t count, sorry)….?
Shameful. Absolutely shameful.


The Mothership Arrives

China develops new missile, tells the US to ‘Beat It’

In case you have not heard, China has developed a new version of its already powerful “East Wind” missile, named DF-21D. The DF-21D makes the US military shake in their boots, as it shifts power over the Pacific Ocean to China.

Explained in laymen’s terms, the US navy cannot defend against this missile. This Chinese missile flies en mass into space, re-enters the earth’s atmosphere at enormous speeds on top of US carriers (making it hard for the US to pick up on radar) and then before impact, explodes into even smaller missiles. It is almost like shrapnel in principle (big explosive, with tiny ones inside), except this missile is specifically designed to destroy US carriers.

(notice the above video was created when news of the the DF-21D came out.)

Yeah, so the US no longer controls the Pacific. A little worrisome, but not really, because China would never do anything to hurt the US, considering we owe them almost a TRILLION dollars. If anything, this is to remind the US to leave North Korea and Taiwan alone.

And just for fun, here are Japanese and American Navy commercials re-mixed:

Both videos are also found on CollegeHumor, a site I visit dailyjust to watch their internet video selection (superb!) and original sketches.