Rancor is adorable too!

Rancor is adorable too!

Adorable tribute to the rancor from Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi” – Reddit


Ladies and Gentlemen, I now write for RWW… (and my infamous “reply girls” series in one location!)

If you didn’t notice from when I changed my Twitter bio, I’ve been writing (freelance) at RWW for a couple weeks now. I got my first paycheck a couple of days ago, so that mean it’s official at RWW, right!? Right.

I am still adjusting to the new place and their new way of doing things, and I realize it will take time given RWW is also going through a transition/SAY Media acquisition, so again, I am not worried. xoJane is also catching my eye, if you catch my drift.

While I make this new job transition, I thought it would be helpful to look back at my time at the Daily Dot, the first start-up I’ve worked for (if you don’t count True/Slant and various Patch sites).

Many folks will claim to have “discovered me,” this I know, but I can credit the Daily Dot with landing me my first radio appearance, on NPR’s On The Media.

OTM contacted me over my reply girl series, a series of YouTube community articles about women who were using their cleavage to exploit the site’s algorithm, and the backlash against them revealed a level of sexism and misogyny I wasn’t expecting. After I broke the story, Gawker’s Max Read brought my series national attention, and Fox News even decided to do their own bastardized version of my stories. It was very clear they didn’t understand the subject matter.

The Daily Dot doesn’t have a way to group the stories together, but for those of you that are interested, here you go: Read the rest of this entry »

“He-man Sings” continues to inspire additional artwork.

From Raincoaster’s daily column, The Morning GIF.


Cosmic Panda is a catastrophe!?

Have you heard of Cosmic Panda?

You know, that new YouTube layout Google railroaded through the YouTube website, despite months of protests by the video-sharing community?

Well, it’s been six months now, and the consequences of Cosmic Panda are coming to light. Because, Cosmic Panda wasn’t just a layout, it’s a brand new business model for web entertainment.

YouTube’s economy was built on clicks and was that way since its inception. YouTubers developed full-time jobs on the site based on this click economy, and some even had six figure salaries, for years.

Cosmic Panda, however, is no longer about clicks, but user engagement, and now thousands of YouTubers are finding their traffic dropping anywhere from 30 – 90%, because of the new layout.

I wrote about the traffic and revenue losses here for the Daily Dot, but what I really wanted to write was a more opinionated piece about this rewriting of a digital economy, with insider-y explanations… and more colorful language.

Some choice quotes/sentences that were not included but I feel need to be on the Internet:  Read the rest of this entry »

Lauren Orsini & I at the official Daily Dot party

On Thursday night at the official Daily Dot party, trying so hard not to do my troll face…

Daily Dot Summit 2011 (San Francisco):

The lovely Lauren Orsini at my side. Polaroid taken by Fernando Alfonso, also a fellow Daily Dot writer.


diy: bibliophile’s party shoes (via Life and Art of Andrea Rodgers)

Neat way of updating and fixing your wedged shoes…

diy: bibliophile's party shoes Helloo everyone! It is Monday again, which just means we are closer to next Friday. Or something like that. Anyway if you have a party you plan on going to this weekend, do you have fantastic party shoes? What about some fun and funky personalized shoes? Well then here you go. This year I want to be more resourceful and respectful when it comes to my wardrobe. So when I noticed my favorite casual heels were in a state of disrepair I decided I had … Read More

via Life and Art of Andrea Rodgers

My Missed Connection, in Junior High

I had this moment happen to me early last year, when reflecting on my Junior High self:

This crush of mine lasted for a couple of years, and I would get so hot and bothered watching this particular male make jokes or play dodgeball.  I wrote hopelessly in my diary every night, wishing this boy would ask me out. I would burn with jealousy when I saw him with another girl.  After two years of this, I grew content with the idea of unrequited love.

I still remember how happy I was this one time he accidentally fell on me, during some game in the gym involving a ball.

There was a span of a couple months (or weeks?) though, when this boy would call me like clockwork every night, to get the homework assignment. A recent rereading of that diary revealed my puzzlement over why this boy did not write down the daily assignments when they were posted on the chalkboard.