Male Military Personnel Must Proclaim Sexual Orientation

Shifting Gears: A Bisexual Transmission

Are bisexuals the biggest threat to the military?!

Alternative title: “The partial defense of the Daily Caller writer advocating ‘converting’ lesbian soldiers through rape (or so accuses internet commenters)

or, second alternative title: “Straight Men in the Military Are Sex Obsessed:  Thoughts on Sexual Orientation Segregation

third alternative title: “The Marginalization of Straight Men Begins in the Military

Joe Rehyansky caused a stir last week in his “Don’t hint, don’t wink: An immodest proposal” piece over on The Daily Caller, where he makes homophobic statements indicative of his age, geographic location and upbringing.  The piece could very well be this Onion piece, and lesbians and under-fire feminists are enraged with some good, albeit wrong, reasons.

Despite the absurdity of Rehyansky’s written word, he touches a point rarely discussed: some men in the military fear homosexuals because they fear rape. I once commented on an unrelated Laurie Essig  piece, where I explain Rehyanksky’s fear before he even expressed it: Read the rest of this entry »

Obsession with cats creeps into Art World


Image by crsan via Flickr

This evening, the Pussy Galore Group show including artists Katie Arford, Laura Bovinet, Lianna Faletto, Allysa Hallett, Brandon Howe, Andrea Jablonski, Matthew Jorgensen, Andrew Malvenda, Charlie Megna, Eric Oij, Kelly Reaves, Pat Rios, and Madelyn Strutz, opened at the 345 Gallery smack dab  in the center of the oh-so-trendy Wicker Park, Chicago.

Besides the proliferation of cat pictures and videos all over the internet, I thought I would take the time to remind everyone that the only reason why we like cats is because we all have toxoplasmosis in our brains (1 in 4 Americas has it, thank you very much).

Although not in tonight’s show, Ashley Lande has an excellent piece featuring a floating cat head emitting a prism of light above a prophet Muhammad figure (see the second illustration on the top left). Clearly, Ashley Lande has speculated on whether the prophet Muhammad was infected with toxoplasmosis (I say he was!).   Ashley Lande’s work, as described by Lost at E Minor, takes our “current obsession with neo-primitivism and mysticism [and] exposes the awkwardness that arises from the fetishization and appropriation of cultures.”

Audrey Erickson has also made cats a common subject in her paintings, as seen here. The painting on the very top screams “bird on the brain”, which is fitting when we humans have “cats on the brain”. I only hope this Pussy Galore Group Show is at least a little ironic, or embraces the science behind our obsession with cats.

And just for good measure, here is the latest cat meme sweeping the internet:

[youtubevid id=”v71Dtj2W7pw”]

11 reasons why you should download Portal today

The box art for the PC version of Portal.

Image via Wikipedia

Hey all you PC gamers! Today is the last day to download Portal for free! Portal’s freeness is the MAIN reason you should download the game today, but if “free” isn’t enough to entice you, I’ve comprised my own list for why Portal rocks, in no particular order.

10. It is the most unconventional puzzle game you will ever play (well, until the rumored Portal 2).

9. How many puzzle games have you played where inertia was a key feature in solving puzzles? None! Because Portal is one of the most original games you will ever play.

8. The two main  characters in the game are female; both you and the robot who guides you.

7. The writing is insanely witty… from the dialogue to the story line. How can a puzzle game have such good writing? Play it, and find out.

6. The game is about portals!!!…. you make portals, you walk through them, you end up in a different location.  It is mind blowing.

5. Want to know where the origin of “The cake is a lie” meme came from? Portal! What other game is good enough to have a meme?

4. This ending song: [youtubevid id=”Y6ljFaKRTrI”]

3. The game only takes you a couple hours to beat, but replay value (radio transmission achievement) is high.

2. The controls are easy to figure out, even if you are not used to the first person perspective in video games.

1. Portal has won numerous awards (ahem, 70!) and received more praise than my beloved Team Fortress 2.

Humans and Neanderthals had sex, now make a video game about it

If you think this is a bad idea for a video game, go watch One Million Years BC

I just heard a story on the radio: NPR’s “Science Friday” about Neanderthals and Humans interbreeding. I have known about this for years…. mainly because traditional history assumed these two species fought each other, and if they did wage war, you know there would have been some raping of women going on. But my firm belief that Neanderthals and Humans had sex also came from the book series “Earth’s Children”, by Jean M. Auel.

I used to sneer at the wikipedia page for calling my favorite series  “speculative alternative historical fiction“, but now my cattiness has been justified. Science has proven what Auel knew all along.

Writes the New York Times:

“Seven years ago, I really thought that it would remain impossible in my lifetime to sequence the whole Neanderthal genome,” Dr. Paabo said at a news conference. But the Leipzig team’s second conclusion, that there was probably interbreeding between Neanderthals and modern humans before Europeans and Asians split, is being met with reserve by some archaeologists.

A degree of interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals in Europe would not be greatly surprising given that the species overlapped there from 44,000 years ago when modern humans first entered Europe to 30,000 years ago when the last Neanderthals fell extinct. Archaeologists have been debating for years whether the fossil record shows evidence of individuals with mixed features.

via Signs of Neanderthals Mating with Humans

All fascinating stuff, I just hope racists don’t somehow twist this data.  From

Now, their comparison of the Neandertal genomes with the genomes of chimpanzees and contemporary humans from around the world hints at previously unappreciated gene flow from Neandertals to humans outside of Africa: their results suggest one to four percent of non-African human genomes are comprised of Neandertal sequence.

via Neandertal Genome Points to Human- Neandertal Interbreeding

For those unfamiliar with Auel’s novels, she writes about an orphaned girl named Ayla who is raised by Neanderthals. Once Ayla hits puberty, she leaves the Neanderthals to find her people, but not before giving birth to a baby of “mixed spirits”. The series is filled with love, action, death, and has tons of description and really really hot sex scenes (as in, the kind that make you all hot and flustered, so don’t read those parts in public).

I have long waited for a video game  based on Ayla and the Earth’s Children series (or movies will do; starting after the 1986 flick “Clan of the Cave Bear” ). I imagine some sort of RPG with a firm storyline where I get skill points for learning to hunt and fight, collecting medicinal plants and treating injuries, engaging in shamanic rituals, and domesticating a range of animals, including horses and wolves. And there can be tons of titties, I won’t complain. Video game execs (I am looking at you Bethesda!), if you need a writer for such a game, hit me up at fruzsina.eordogh (at) gmail.

Dogs in clothing piss me off

Fawn pug

Pugs, the most mutated of them all....Image via Wikipedia

Oh great. I have gone the whole winter without seeing a mutant dog dressed up like a human, until today, when for god knows what reason I was browsing the ChicagoNOW blogs:

When the weather gets cold, what’s a dog to do? Bundle up, of course!  …what are Chicago’s dogs wearing to stay warm? We want to know! E-mail a picture of your pooch in his or her winter outfit to us at with “winterdog” in the subject line.

via Show off your dog in RedEye! – RedEye. (click the link to see the infuriating picture)

First off, if this dog were a real dog and not a mutant dog…. (and by mutant I mean genetically altered to change their size, fur type, jaw structure, etc  but in exchange cause floating knee caps, a skull that is too small for their brain, twisted spines for curled tails, a lifetime of pain, depression,  organ problems, seizures, brain tumors and other ailments that affect dogs that are not mutts) … the animal wouldn’t need any clothes to keep warm.

Second, dogs are not dolls, just like how they are not products. Don’t dress them up like they are dolls, and please don’t buy them designer clothes,  or I will have to cut you. (In my mind only, of course)

Third, if vegans and vegatarians, PETA, and  Jonathan Safran Foer really cared about animals, they would be calling for the end of designer and purebred dogs. Or for Congress to regulate their breeding, at least.  We hated everything else about Hitler, why is this still around? (Oh right, because they’re soooooo cute!)

So STFU and GTFO RedEye. Please.

Cat Poop Mind Control


the face of our fluffy overlord?

Rebecca Beachy became a mini-celebrity when she wore her skinned feral kitten hat to the September 11th gallery openings. Gapers Block interviewed her a couple days ago, where Beachy said:

Most of my art was already concerned with material and I started thinking about the mythology of cats. I have been thinking about puns. You know, the cat in the hat. The cheshire cat. And then the LOLcat website which is such an obsession of people in our generation. So I thought it would be interesting to re-purpose the cat body to make connections between the body and the image and the mythology of the cat. The cat hat was my first project along those lines.

via Gapers Block

The idea of wearing a dead kitten on the head makes sense in a pun sort of way; we all have cat on the brain. Humanity has always been obsessed with felines on one level or another. Cultures around the world all have their own cat folklore and mythology, from the Egyptians, Greeks, Norsemen, Scottish, to even the Chinese. Did you know that the prophet Mohammed had a beloved cat named Muezza, and one day, instead of disturbing his sleeping cat  to attend the call to prayer, Mohammed cut his own robe?

On the other side of the cat obsession, during the Dark Ages the Church believed cats were the agents of the Devil and would organize massive cat burning parties. Gerina Dunwich outlines cat torture methods the Church employed in her book “Your Magickal Cat: Feline Magick, Lore and Worship” (starting on page 60). This cat burning craze had dire consequences. When the feline population in Europe came close to zero the rats ran amuck and spread the Plague.

So Fruzsi, what’s your point about Beachy’s kitten hat and cats being our overlords? (Wait for it…)

I was listening to a Radiolab podcast the other day, and they had a great episode about parasites. The very last segment titled “The Scratch” (starting at minute 47) deals with a little parasite in cats called toxoplasma gondii and its ability to effect and control the brain of the host animal. Toxoplasma gondii can be carried by a variety of animals, but really only wants to live in cat stomachs. Robert Sapolsky, the neuroscientist on the show, goes on to explain the effects of toxoplasma gondii on rats; toxoplasma gondii  travels to the rat’s brain and messes around with the circuitry to make the cat attractive to the rat. The end result  has the rat approaching the cat to be eaten. Sapolsky goes on to mention that it is not “speculative” to think that Toxoplasma gondii might be doing the same thing in humans. Research done on toxoplasmosis in humans has revealed a link between toxoplasma gondii and schizophrenia. Dr Fuller Torrey explains during the show how rates of schizophrenia “exploded” around the same time humans began keeping cats indoors as pets.

A study published in 2007 by the Oxford University Press hypothesizes toxoplasmosis effects dopamine and testosterone levels in the brain. Men with toxoplasmosis

were more likely to disregard rules and were more expedient, suspicious, jealous, and dogmatic”

while women infected with toxoplasmosis

were more warm hearted, outgoing, conscientious, persistent, and moralistic“.

Either way, that’s some serious mind-altering  power right there.

According to the CDC, 60 million people are infected with toxoplasma gondii and most don’t even know it because our immune system keeps us healthy. That means 1 in 4 Americans have it. The wiki entry on Toxoplasmosis says one third of the worlds population has been infected at some point.

Does this mean the prophet Mohammed had toxoplasma gondii in his brain? He is said to have drank from the same water vessel as his cat.  The Pope’s cat Chico has his own Twitter account.  Does this mean the feline-obsessed Pope has it too?  How long have humans had this parasite in our brains and not even known about it? Do I love my cat of my own free will?  Am I really a warm-hearted and outgoing person, or is this the parasite talking?

Even if Rebecca Beachy wasn’t thinking about toxoplasma gondii when she made her fashion piece, her kitten hat has a whole new meaning.