Asher_Wolf quits Twitter, probably due to sexism

asherwolf quits twitter

Sexism drove Asher_Wolf away from Cryptoparty and it looks like Twitter as well.

Last night she “ragequit” due to something related to hackers posing as “bronies” attacking her website? That is what the rumors on Twitter are saying, at least. I write “bronies” because Internet pranksters love disguising as them (or anyone they hate, really. The #cutforbieber folks, for instance, tried to blame it on 9GAG in various comment section of YouTube vlogs on the controversy).

asherwolf bronies hacked my site

The time stamp for the brony attack is from December, but the intention behind whatever drove the people to harass Asher_Wolf is still the same.

Her last tweet, according to Topsy, was “offline.”

While I had yet to attend a cryptoparty – it was on my agenda – I relied on her Twitter stream to keep me updated on all acts of Internet activism. She was in Australia, and her timing jived with my late night Internet wanderings when insomnia kicked in.

I get her point of not having to stick around and take abuse, but why quit Twitter when it was her site that was disturbed, not her news distribution service?

I feel like I am being punished.

1:30 pm Update:

On secondary inspection, it was probably the trolls that came out following her Aaron Swartz post.

asherwolf didnt read lol 1/16, 2:14am Update: 

Asher_wolf is back on Twitter, no explanation for the hiatus.

5 Comments on “Asher_Wolf quits Twitter, probably due to sexism”

  1. raincoaster says:

    And OH so much related drama since then. First she was all, “Look, I just wanted to be left alone!” Now she’s running around Blocking anybody who doesn’t think WikiLeaks sucks. It’s all such pointless drama. I agree the CCC snub was completely out of line, but what’s the point in attacking the whole rest of the world (including me, and I assure you I’m not on their committee) for months afterwards because of it?

    • Yes, a ton of drama since then. She was always a bit of a drama magnet, but lately she’s been the initiator. No doubt about it, after she quit cryptoparty she changed.

      • raincoaster says:

        I’m pretty feisty myself, but publicly telling Assange’s mother to fuck off seems, oh, a bit out there.

        Especially since I know Christine. In a hand-to-hand between the two of them, I’d put my money on Christine.

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