Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese Dress Sells Out in Less then 24 hours…

…on ModCloth, the online retailer and my guilty pleasure.  On the Tracy Reese website  all sizes but 4, 6 and 12 had sold out by 3:30 am the early morning after they went on sale. By 10:45 pm however, it looks like Reese ordered a new batch of dresses for production as now the dress is available in all sizes from 0 -14.

ModCloth, however, is still out of stock.

michelle obama dress out of stock one day

The official name of the dress, according to the Tracy Reese website is “Pink Wallpaper Combo Frock.” Really boring, and borderline horrible of a name, if I must say.

ModCloth went with “Best of Luxe” which is infinitely better. Pink Wallpaper Combo Frock may be more practical of a name but it lacks imagination and means nothing to me, a woman who would want to buy this dress. Well, actually, it does say something: it says you are wearing a combination of  wallpaper as a frock.  “Best of Luxe” does not evoke “you are wearing wallpaper.”

michelle obama dress out of stock one day2

Luxe, a word I had not seen before, means “the condition of being elegantly sumptuous.”

Best of Luxe is a rayon/silk mixture though, so not really the best of “being elegantly sumptuous.”  Despite the exaggeration of luxury, the ModCloth name implies that while wearing the dress, you then become the best at being elegantly sumptuous. Which again, is better than wearing wallpaper.

The addition of rayon into the fabric, which diminishes the luxury, is clearly an economic choice.  

Reese kept her promise of mass producing the dress for the public, and of keeping it  “under $500, so affordable for some.”  (So Michelle O’s dress is pure silk, might we presume?) In interviews four months ago, Reese admits to being “a little mystified” by how much of an instantaneous hit the dress was.

To the disappointment of many, it was quickly revealed that the pink and gray silk Tracy Reese dress was a custom creation. But eager shoppers can ready their wallets. While the dress is not yet on shelves, designer Tracy Reese confirmed on TODAY Thursday that her company TR Designs is trying to get it out as soon as possible.

– “Tracy Reese: Michelle Obama’s DNC dress will hit shelves,” September 6th, on MSN’s style blog “The Look”

I am not.

Mystified, that is.

I remember when I saw Michelle O in Best of Luxe. I hated the dress on sight  for being busy and metallic, and then I wondered why I cared so much. On second glance, I was charmed. Best of Luxe showed off one of Michelle O’s best features – her arms – and was elegant and feminine, but also playful and a bit casual. The dress was bold and demure at the same time.  Perfect for a President’s wife.

And the fact that it was a custom creation? All the more props to Michelle O for kicking off a production frenzy.

One Comment on “Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese Dress Sells Out in Less then 24 hours…”

  1. Delight in the dazzling and rejoice in the resplendent by donning this divine cocktail dress by Tracy Reese for your next special occasion. This beautifully crafted frock flaunts a fluted A-line shape, a coy back keyhole, and panels of gorgeous tapestry-like fabric of pink and blue, exquisitely embellished with touches of orange and gold. From the concealed side pockets and sleek princess seams to the built-in petticoat for extra flare, this knockout number is sure to be the hit of the soiree, especially when partnered with silver platforms, bronze-dotted stockings, and a beaded clutch. Let good fortune shine on you all night long when you flaunt this charmed dress!

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