Three Awesome Makeup Mask Ideas for Halloween

I know it’s really trendy and all to hate Reddit these days, but old habits die hard. (And my mate is a diehard.) You can find almost everything on Reddit – it being “the face of the Internet”  – and that including subreddits like Makeup Addiction,  about (you guessed it!) makeup and the ladies addicted to it.

I know very few things about applying and wearing makeup (mascara, undereye concealer, lotion is me), but a makeup painted mask seems like the easy route to me.  The ladies that use /r/MakeupAddiction gave me some great DIY ideas for this Wednesday night. Many of them claim to be amateurs, too, which I find inspiring.


By the lovely kaitlyngrace:

By the lovely oompa22:

By the lovely allieapocalypse:


By the lovely ibrokethedishes:

By the lovely mesijesi:


By the lovely thisisntwhereiparked:

By the lovely tylernilson:

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