Wheat Thins Internet Ad Campaign Sucks (also, Nanalew has a purdy mouth.)

So, I am checking out the site I work for, before going to bed, and I notice a story I hadn’t read or heard about.

I go to see out who had tweeted the story that evening, (I am curious of our audience) and lo and behold, I see a sponsored tweet, purchased in EARLY JANUARY.

I had no idea these sponsored tweets had that long of a shelf life. Seem like a good value, now that I think about it (or so I thought, at the time).

So, mmm. Wheat Thins.

Sometimes, I am so in love with Wheat Thins it is all I can think about. In that moment, Wheat Thins are all there is. (Or Triscuits. Mmmm.)

I, naturally, click the YouTube link.

And I am taken away to a horrible ad, zoomed in on some man’s obviously dyed mustache. I will not embed the video, because I want to spare you the experience.

As this man’s lips move to form sounds, I grow most and more disgusted. Not just with his mouth, but with everything.

Why am I here again? I mean, I am talking about the ad, not making it an existential point. (At least, not yet…)

I don’t want Wheat Thins any more.

Also. Hockeyninja, some random person on YouTube, addressed a most excellent point that further turned me off from ever wanting to eat Wheat Thins again.

Less than 15,000 people viewed this video. Pathetic.

Is this why the tweet is still up?

Next time you want to feature someone’s mouth, for a product that is loved by the ladies, go with a ladies mouth.

That way you won’t put off a lady, but still also reel in the gentlemen. Win win situation?

Also, Honkeyninja is right, the “trix” implies female.

Check out Nanalew’s lipsynch of SAIL by AWOLNATION


That’s because she has a real purdy mouth.

She’s also one of those “silly YouTubers” who could probably make a better Wheat Thins commercial in half the time it took whatever company Wheat Thins hired.

(hint, hint)

Now go watch Nanalew’s mouth in motion. Less than 30% of you will hate it, I promise.

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