Google thinks I am a male, too.

What would I have to search, for Google to think I was a female?

I was inspired by my new Twitter follow/follower Continuants, to investigate what Google thinks of me in their Ads Preferences.

My work gmail, which I thought was kind of odd. Drums? Clubs? PDAs? Nope. I don’t even write about that stuff…

and my personal gmail, which I sign into after work hours. Besides the gender, and the hiphop, it was somewhat accurate?

3 Comments on “Google thinks I am a male, too.”

  1. Google thinks I’m female. You can’t look at as many wedding blogs as I do and be mistaken for a guy.

    I really think that male is Google’s default, and only by searching topics they deem “girly” enough does it change your gender to female. Try spending too much time shopping for shoes and see what happens.

    • That’s the thing!

      I do, do a girly thing!

      I check ModCloth, various fashion tumblrs, discounts on designer clothing sites, some friends fashion pinterest boards, and some indie clothing designers on Etsy, at least a couple times a week.

      Maybe I need to do it more? Maybe I am not signed in?

      Perhaps you’re right about Google’s default being male…

  2. Jailyn says:

    Cainllg all cars, calling all cars, we’re ready to make a deal.

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