Happy Birthday, Raquel Welch!

Yes, I know it is also Freddie Mercury’s birthday. Considering all the digital love he’s gotten (which he deserves, don’t get me wrong, even if he is dead), I thought I’d share with who ever is reading this blog my favorite videos of Welch. If you don’t know who she is, go skim her wikipedia page first please.

These are all found on YouTube, because my new job is to cover YouTube…

I first came upon Rachel Welch, like most of America,  when I watched One Million Years B.C.  (Starting the Earth’s Children book series in Junior High will do that) It is only fitting that I begin this video list with a compilation of her from One Million Years B.C.

I don’t expect you, dear reader, to watch all of the above video, but I do expect you to watch all of the one below. It’s only 3 minutes long, and while there is no dialog until the very end, I can promise it is engaging. It’s literally one of the best fan compilations on YouTube.

Next up is a scene from the movie Fathom. There are plenty of scenes on YouTube from this movie, but this clip is notable for the boat-owning man wearing a monocle. Oh yeah, and Welch’s green bikini.

The three minute  title opening scene in Fathom, with Welch handling a parachute, is also good viewing if you’re not pressed for time.  This video of excerpts of Welch in Bluebeard is also fun. She admits to sleeping with a Hungarian… and she meets her doom once she admits frolicking with a communist.

One of my favorite television appearances and interviews, following a “riot” on the day her film premiered:

Other half of that interview is here, and discusses her film “Myra Breckinridge” – which had, gasp!, a (very tame) lesbian scene. I’ve never seen the whole movie, but Time wrote this about it:

“Myra Breckinridge is about as funny as a child molester. It is an insult to intelligence, an affront to sensibility and an abomination to the eye.”

Any one who is a fan of the song “California Dreaming” should NOT watch Raquel’s version. According to that video’s description:

“In 1970, Welch teamed up with Tom Jones and producer/choreographer David Winters of Winters-Rosen Productions for the TV special “Raquel!”, considered by some viewers to be a classic pairing together of 1970s pop-culture icons in their prime. The multi million-dollar TV song-and-dance extravaganza was filmed around the world, from Paris to Mexico. The show featured lavish production numbers of classic songs from the era, extravagant costumes, and notable guest performances, including John Wayne and Bob Hope in the Wild West.”

Most of the stuff in that special is utter crap. If you want to hear Welsh sing something, she does a relatively good job in the one embedded below. We can’t expect our celebrities to be skilled in all areas of entertainment, right?

What video compilation of Raquel Welch would be complete without the infamous  space girl dance? Writes jackamo23 in a YouTube comment about it:

“This was the promise given to every western child in the seventies: when you grow up you will be living in a futuristic and psychedelic world populated by ultra-hot chicks in silver space suits designed by Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin’ against a backdrop of Barbarella/Zardoz/Logan’s Run style living spaces….what the f**k happened? where did it all go wrong?!? answers on a postcards addressed to the year 1970 and dont forget the self-addressed stamp!”

And, because shaking out the YouTube community has become almost impossible these day, here’s a Raquel Welch make-up tutorial.

It has taken me a while to find a couple make-up tutorialists that I actually like (there are so many of them), but I definitely have love for pixiwoo. It’s all a matter of personality and voice.  Pixiwoo has one of the least annoying personalities, basically.

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  2. be good I watched you all my life and would still watch you and Bridgette bardoe along with Pam Dickenson,now you know why I was and still am disabled ,but always wished you well…

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