Here are some Indian men who are hot

Can you recall the last time American women were given Indian men as love interests or sex objects through cable television programming?  I can’t either.

Indian men are so hot right now!  And surprisingly, it’s not related to tantric sex or  Bollywood…

( I kid, The Guru is super entertaining – way better than Eat, Pray, Love)

The men:

Aasif Mandvi, from The Daily Show

Besides his regular gig on The Daily Show, Mandvi is appearing in three films this year. Mandvi’s  coolest roles so far would have to be his TV work in “Jericho” and “ER” , and the only notable movies of his worth watching are  “The Siege” and “Die Hard With a Vengence”. Because of his coloration, poor Mandvi has played his fair share of terrorists.

Danny Pudi, from Community

Pudi love can be explained by Michael Cera love – it’s the weird, awkward boy love, except Pudi is a talented actor in his 30’s, so you know his appeal will last longer. In a recent Abed birthday “Community” episode, Pudi flexed his acting chops proving he can capably play more than one character.

Aziz Ansari, from Parks & Recreation

Ansari is so talented with words, I forgive him for looking like a Scottish Terrier. It’s the mustache.

Sacha Dhawan from OutSourced

There is no reason for you to watch OutSourced, but if you had to, the hopelessly romantic yet sex crazed “Manmeet” makes it bearable.

Now that we have hot Indian men on TV, I think it is time we tried for some hot Arabian men in non-terrorist roles. It’s very sexually confusing  to be turned on by a violent extremist character…these Arabian men are sexy, but they want to destroy a major city?! Am I a bad person for getting tingles in my nether regions when these actors say things like “it’s too late to stop the bomb”? If this does indeed make me a bad person, can we start making the terrorist actors ugly please?!  I don’t want to be a bad person…

I really just want more hot Arabian actors because I’m  getting bored fantasizing about Aladdin as the safer alternative to “terrorist”.

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