Companion piece to March’s Top Street Art

In case you don’t already know, I write a Top 10 list on Chicago Art Magazine. Somehow the absurdity of a Top 10 list has not translated over well with the street art community, nor has my sense of humor. They’re all cry babies, or hate women. Well, maybe not all of them… :p

Here’s all the stuff I left out of Chicago Art Magazine’s “Top Street Art of March” because as the post was approaching 3000 words I  thought “f*ck that. 3,000 words? Who’s going to read 3,000 words?” It’s cool though, because here, I can display the photos and embed an awesome video –

The Graffiti News Network:  

This Billy guy is pretty rad – and I am not saying that because he stole my cadence and vibes, or because he is male.  The response to his video has been generally positive – and people understand satire easily when it is in video form. I have to wonder if all the misconceptions about my column would go away if I just made videos like his instead of “Top 10” lists. I think if Billy and I combine – him with his superior knowledge of graffiti crews together with my hated art critic character, we could make some funny videos. Ahh, a girl can dream.  

Honorable Mentions

Oh no! Hipster street artists are taking over the street art scene! They’re dropping zebra bombs! Or parachuting zebras… because hipsters don’t drop bombs. They’re “sophisticated” tech-savvy hippies:

Some sunglasses-wearing owls have popped up this month. This artist is going full on hipster, by drawing deer antlers on the sides of birds. The pieces are a respectable first attempt.

Someone’s been stickying up the meters that remain “as a courtesy to cyclists”, making me wonder if this is a subtle dig at Daley’s parking meter fiasco. The stickers have a nerdy bent (Doc Brown, Mario, Pac-Man) and generally don’t make sense. Maybe that’s the point? I found this one humorous though.

Speaking of graffiti and street art inspired by video games; here is a great piece incorporating Angry Birds (this would be in my top 10 list but I got tired of asking for the flickr html at this point), and check out this Ms Pac-Man.

Check out this giant strawberry eating little stick people, and this portrait-type work (close up here):

I have to wonder if 102 (strawberry) and 108 (portrait) know each other, as their names are numerically similar.

Because I am obsessed with cats, I have to draw your attention to this cat stencil. I am all for covering the city with stencils of cats, especially if the alternative is these creepy babies.

Poor Kid pasted up one of his largest works to date. Meh. I want to see more color! The cart is what made this photo:
poor kid

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