Crysis 2 has broken my heart

Crysis 2

poor poor NYC…  Image via Wikipedia

I never download anything the day it becomes available, as it requires discussion (I currently share a video gaming machine with my boyfriend). Nevertheless, the Crysis 2 demo was downloaded and I didn’t even have to pitch it.

I had a great time with Crysis, and it was the demo that originally sold me on the game. I especially became adept at firing on enemy targets with the assault weapon attached to a boat. My whole strategy for attacking this encampment by the water involved this boat (think to the tune of this song).   I have good memories of the first demo, so saying I was excited is an understatement.

Then we went away to Florida for 6 days.  The demo was not played.

Upon returning from vacation on the 25th, what is found? The Crysis 2 demo is multiplayer, and only available to play from March 15th to March 22nd. If you try to play the demo after March 22nd, there are no servers available for you to play on. What kind of marketing madness is this??? Sure, this limited demo-play generates buzz, and Crysis 2 demo players get another reason to feel all superior, but what about me? I am left heartbroken and the high interest of  paying $60 has dissipated.

The void was filled by Neverwinter Nights 2 and all the expansion packs….


7 Comments on “Crysis 2 has broken my heart”

  1. Tom Rubin says:

    A fellow gamer?! Awesome!! It’s funny that you mention NWN 2 – a couple of weeks ago I re-installed NWN 1. It still looks and plays great.

    • Awesome! I am waiting for NVWN 2 to finish downloading.

      It’s taking days, because we keep pausing the download to watch videos/tv shows/movies…

      • Tom Rubin says:

        I was so in love with NWN1 that I couldn’t really get into NWN2. I sure tried though! I hope you enjoy it when you eventually get it downloaded 😉

      • I am enjoying it greatly. I hate how unstable the actual game is though – I had to redo a whole dungeon because I forgot to save frequently and my PC crashed. “Friendly tips” remind you to create multiple save files, implying the developers know the game will crash, so…. Why release a broken product?

  2. Tom Rubin says:

    I think they do that because they know they can always work on a patch post-release. The early buyers are unpaid beta testers. There are actually quite a few games that follow this line of thinking. In their mind it’s better to ship on time and patch later than make it perfect and ship late.

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