White Girl Claims God Answered her Prayers by Striking Japan, Internet Retaliates

… except she just outed herself as a troll around 1am, CST. My headline is misleading, but hopefully you are still reading.

On March 13th, youtube user tamtampamela (identified by the internet as Pamela Foreman) made a video saying the tsunami happened because she prayed for god to prove his existence to atheists, and days later struck Japan. Pam goes on to say she is overjoyed by the magnitude of God’s response, and hopes God will steer his wrath to America soon, since there’s tons of atheists here. The video has approximately half a million views (link is original video, but as of 2am, LaughAloneTV has a copyright claim on it) and tons of hateful comments , including calls for her rape or other forms of violent retribution.

Richard Dawkins’ site linked the video, Scallywag & Vagabond call her “crazy”, Vanity Fair called her response inappropriate (link includes racist UCLA girl),  Project Armannd calls her a psychopath (and also links to additional WWII-Karma-on-Japan comments), Miami New Times blog takes a swig at her (and advocates interpretive dance),  Perez Hilton claims the video made him sick, and a bunch of  bloggers, youtubers and atheist forum users also weigh in on the matter, all outraged.

The internet went on to find Pamela’s “real life” information, and posted her address and phone number all over the internet (but that info might be fake? She might really be named Tamar Boehm?). If one watched more than one of tamtampamela’s other videos, it becomes clear that Pamela is trolling.  Some folks on the internet were not astute enough to make this connection, or sought to punish Pamela because you can’t make light of the Japanese earthquakes and tsunami, even if it was to make a point about how the extremely religious believe God works on their behalf against their enemies.

Here is Pamela outing herself as a troll, for those fooled by her atheist ploy. She also wants  all the pizzas being delivered to her house to stop:

As of 2am, Pamela has closed her youtube account, removing all evidence of her  year-plus of religious trolling.

So, internet, why are you not raging as hardcore over Alec Sulkin’s tweet? Hmmm?

3am Edit:  some b/tards have come to their senses, and crowned tamtampamela as “Queen of Trolls”. Hopefully they send her cakes now.

3:20am Edit: LaughAlone TV claims no affiliation with tamtampamela in this tweet here.

18 Comments on “White Girl Claims God Answered her Prayers by Striking Japan, Internet Retaliates”

  1. I don’t care if she was just kidding or not. She belittled the suffering of every parent in Japan whose child was swept away in the water. She had no respect or regard for the pain and death the Japanese people are enduring. She should be made to go to Japan and help dig the dead out of the mud in repayment of her utter thoughtlessness. Let’s see if it’s still as funny then.

    • You raise a good point – some suffering you cannot make light of.

      I don’t think she was making light of the Japanese people’s suffering in so much as making fun of certain religious types though.

      This person here is DIRECTLY making fun of the Japenese’s plight: http://imgur.com/LPme0

      • Thissalantine says:

        You’re right, I don’t think she was making fun of the suffering of Japanese tragedy deliberately. However that’s exactly what happened in the long run, and that it was inadvertent tells us that she not only didn’t think it through well enough to see that would be the result, but also that some part of her just didn’t care, and decided that was just ok since Falwell and others make similar statements all the time so why couldn’t she do it as parody? It never occurred to this person that there might be people still out of touch with friends and family in Japan (I ended up speaking with a few of them that night as her page lit up with anger) and waiting for news of their survival. That people STILL MIGHT DIE as a result of the earthquake never crossed this woman’s mind.

        To use the excuse “I was just trolling’ is ridiculous beyond belief as well. I’m really wondering where people get the idea it’s okay to say any old thing that happens to cross your mind and expect there will be no consequences. Indeed, she expected consequences, worked for a year and a half for those consequences, and then ran like a scared rat once her identity was discovered, hoping to stem the wall of anger pushing her way.

        I watched the posts scrolling past as people found out about the site. I have to say what I saw was a lot of anger. But why were people so angry? That’s the big question nobody seems to be addressing, or see as a major point in this fiasco. People were angry because they perceived she was belittling the pain of others, whether as a religious nut or a generic trolling internet nut. What I saw was a lot of people slapping down a bully. I agree people could have been a little more polite about expressing that anger, but then again, anger isn’t really an unexpected response to her first video (I’m happy God killed people) or her second video (I had fun making fun of people I don’t agree with, and messing with the minds of innocent bystanders). Additionally, she admitted her reason for making the videos was to ‘piss people off’, so I am left wondering why she was so surprised when that’s what she accomplished, and why she was so surprised when that very real anger was, well, angry. Perhaps she thought she could continue to manipulate people’s responses like trained poodles. “Ok be angry now! Good puppy! Now show me angry barking only! No peeing on the carpet!”

        Bleh, anyway, sorry to type a book (again) on this subject.

      • whatsaysyou says:

        That girl is a real meanie and I don’t condone what she did.

    • whatsaysyou says:

      What she did is considered rude and insensitive. I don’t find what she did is funny or appealing. It’s more to disgusting and unacceptable. She is no better than two celebrities who just came under fire for poking fun at Japan’s current tragedy.

  2. Nelson says:

    This girl is not Pamela M. Foreman, she is Tamar Boehm. Tamar stole the real Pamela’s identity and used her identity illegally and with malice. Tamar used Pamela’s identity so that Pamela would receive hate emails and other forms of communication. Please anyone who pities Tamar don’t. Look up Tamar and see that she is not the real Pamela M. Foreman.

    • Tofer says:

      How do you know she stole Pamela M. Foreman’s identity? Are you’re suggesting that anyone who uses a pseudo name which happens to actually exist is stealing their identity?

      • Thissalantine says:

        She used a name, address, and phone number all belonging to the same person. That’s not a coincidence.

    • I am really curious how the information on “Pamela M. Foreman” came about.

      It is a little disturbing that some random woman was getting harassed, and tamtam didn’t try to set the record straight for the real Pamela…

  3. She's Tam says:

    You are correct. Her real name is Tamar Boehm. Funnily enough she is a student at Biola Christian College and is Youth “Leader” in her Armenian Congregational Church. She leads youth groups and all that jazz which is even scarier.

    If you were being a troll and knew there were going to be consequences, as bad as they were, how much worse of a person are you if people “figure” out who you are, but it happens to be someone else and just don’t come forward and let that poor person take the heat?

    Not only is this malice at its worst, but also cowardice. To make matters even worse she just made a “Sorry I was a troll” video and left it at that. There was no “I’m sorry, I was doing satire, but I took it too far and I am sorry to those that I hurt. This was unintentional, blah blah blah, etc.”

    Go Tam, and yeah if you google her name, pretty much everything comes up on her showing pictures to prove that this in fact is Tamar Grace Boehm, Tamar Boehm, Grace Tamar Boehm, as all those come up and are the same person.

  4. Thissalantine says:

    Oh yeah, and she made an attempt at monetizing the video before she closed down the site. That’s why the LaughAloneTV screen appears when you click the original link.

    Best thing she could possibly do is reopen the site, monetize all of it, and turn the money over to Japanese relief efforts. But again, since it was all about her, and everyone else be damned, to coin a phrase, she didn’t think that far.

    Good goin’, Tam. Hope this quiets down for you so that one day you can get a job. =/

    • That is an excellent idea (giving the money she makes from her videos to Japan)!

      And no worries on writing a long comment, I appreciated reading it!

      And yes, I agree with you, everyone is angry at her because she made light of a national tragedy, and admitted inciting rage was her end goal. You can never apologize enough for making that kind of insensitive mistake.

      And yes, admitting she was “trolling” is not an actual apology. Has she even apologized yet?

  5. FL says:

    It is funny that from beginning to end the Bible shows that God does judge sin severely and yet if someone says this they are attacked viciously.

    I am not sure that you understand but no Christian wants the destruction of anyone nor do most Christians feel that they have a right to judge anyone. No person who truly loves God wants to see others suffer.

    I spent time in Japan helping rebuild after the Kobe earthquake and so this is near to my heart and I grieve for Japan.

    Still, it is undeniable that God does judge nations and natural disasters are one manner of judgment seen in the Bible.
    Yes it is an earthquake zone and yes science explains the probability of earthquakes in Japan. I get it.

    God God does exist and he does hold individuals and nations accountable for their actions. It is not a pleasant message for anyone whether you believe in God or not.

    I don’t know if this quake is God’s judgment on Japan and I would not presume to judge the Japanese people who I came to love and respect while I was in Japan. But the fact remains, there is a time where God does judge mankind here and after we die. A lot of people hate the Bible for saying this and try to make God into a warm fuzzy old man that condones any sin.

    Natural disasters like this humble us all and let us know just how weak and frail we are. They can be a message from God. I am not saying that the quake is a message from God but I am saying it surely could be.

    Consider this, if the God of the Bible does exist and is not one of the science fiction “Star Gate” false gods (i.e. a powerful alien) but the actual creator of the Universe; we are some of the most arrogant people ever to have lived to dictate to him what is right and what is wrong from our limited, weak, narrow, human viewpoint. I include myself in this fault and I am no better than anyone else.

    If given the chance again, I will go to Japan to help the Japanese people heal and rebuild their nation because God loves the Japanese people and I do too. I do not think that anyone should pray for the destruction of others but for their salvation.

  6. Dan says:

    That last comment is so full of shit

  7. […] I wondered who it would be: perhaps the Bosnian girl caught on video drowning puppies or the “religious” girl who posted a YouTube video thanking God for answering her prayers by striking Japan, or maybe the […]

  8. Kumiko says:

    I am Japanese. She should die for what she said.

  9. Régebben nem gondoltam, hogy ennyire utána kell nézni egyes videók valóságalapjának. Thunderf00t csinált erről a lányról egy videót és már akkor is érdekelt, hogy tényleg ennyire fanatikus vagy csak trollkodik. But hey at least now i know the truth about her 🙂

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