Media Update on the troll Tamtampamela

project 365 #17: troll dolls

Image by mygothlaundry via Flickr

Ugh. I did not want to update my wordpress again today, because I like having the picture of me interviewing Rahm Emanuel on my front page, but it can’t be helped. I want the world to know (well, potential employers) that I broke the news that tamtampamela was a troll (see my time stamp)… 

The Atlantic Wire’s post “After Thanking God for the Japan Quake, A Troll Comes Clean” mentioned all the sites I mentioned, and offers proof of tamtampamela’s trolling by dissecting her clothing options. Think Atheist blog also touches on my points, explaining others I didn’t delve into (like thunderf00t’s video, which I embedded).

Slate blogged about Tamtampamela, and understood why I used “white girl” in my title. Slate goes on to link to The Mary Sue (never heard of this site before today?), and the Daily What. The Daily What goes on to call trolling “performance art” and tamtam a poe.

Urlesque also hinted at the fascination the internet has with stupid white girls, and named tamtampamela “the one”. Brian Ashcraft over on Kotaku managed to do some original reporting, by tweeting with LaughAloneTV, and titled his piece “This woman just trolled the entire internet” or something like that, since the title has changed now.

Perez Hilton still thinks she is creepy, commenting on her smiling face in her “coming clean” video.  Miami New Times updated their original post to include her “coming clean” video. Project Armannd also updated their post by linking to TNT Magazine, but Scallywag & Vagabond and Vanity Fair have not updated their postings as of yet. Richard Dawkins has also been silent on the matter.

Based off the above media coverage, I am going to call tamtampamela one of  the most successful trolls in internet history. Most of tamtam’s original videos have been reposted on youtube by other users, so her dedicated ruse is not completely lost. On Encyclopedia Dramatica, tamtam’s entry has begun under “Pamela M Foreman” , and her youtube handle links to the “Atheist” entry.

She’s still no Boxxy though…

2 Comments on “Media Update on the troll Tamtampamela”

  1. Jason Daro says:

    This was not performance art. She may be white, though I’m not sure… what are Armenians considered?

    Anyhow, she is a Youth “Leader” in her Armenian congregation and is supposed to be a mentor to all the kids she watches over. She is 22 and has a well developed mind. Also, she goes to a Biola Christian College and is studying Bible Courses, Theology and Psychology. I think she may have used one of those in her “Trolling” of the Internet.

    How do I know this? I was going to Biola as well… then I decided it just wasn’t for me as my beliefs were changing… but I didn’t go on some kind of rampage. That’s if her beliefs are changing or if her beliefs were there at all.

    She always claimed to be pure and this and that, but was always seen leaving the dorms in the middle of the night or coming back to the dorms early in the morning. She was always getting picked up by this older hispanic guy when I went there and by there actions were definitely more than friends. It even came to my attention from one of the girls who she’d shown pictures to of them in different sexual positions, her in the nude, etc. yet, she still found a way to judge other people. A hypocrite through and through.

    I could go on and I could say more, but she speaks for herself, in more ways than one.

  2. wind dragon says:

    If Tamar was photographed having sex with another person … who took the pictures … Jason “coming clean” [oxymoron] ??? jealous because you did not get invited to help ???

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