Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami reveal American Stupidity, Insensitivity

Avenge Pearl Harbor. Our bullets will do it, c...

Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

EDIT: The internet is telling me all these anti-Japanese sentiments began with  a Family Guy staff writer’s joke tweet. He deleted the tweet and apologized, though other Americans might actually mean it as evident by their Facebook vitriol?

The last 48 hours for Japan have been rough: two earthquakes, a tsunami, and fears of nuclear meltdown.

A logical, possible explanation? A solar flare.

Some  cesspoolian Americans, however, viewed these natural phenomena as the work of a spiritual deity. These Americans believe the universe was angry at Japan for Pearl Harbor, and decided to wait more than 50 years to dish out karmic justice.  Except these Americans  didn’t say it like that.  More like:   “Fuck Japan! Remember Pearl Harbor? Karma’s a bitch!” Yeah.

When I think of all the Americans that never learned of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings,  my forehead wrinkles with worry. No Child Left Behind is doing a worse job than we imagined!

If I had to pick a country, between the United States and Japan, that would get karmic retribution for actions in World War II, I’d pick the United States (body count, occupation).   If I were to follow the Facebooking-karmic-justice-Americans logic, where  nature takes it upon herself to punish man for the things he does to his fellow man, I’d have to assume that Katrina, the tornadoes tearing up the midwest,  the BP Oil Spill (why not?) and every other natural catastrophe to hit the states EVER,  is retribution for things America did in prior wars. Or am I being silly here, because America don’t have to worry about karmic retribution? I don’t know the rules to this karma-blame-game… maybe America is exempt.

But what about New Zealand? Following the logic stated above, one could argue the Christchurch earthquake happened because of the Anglo-Maori wars centuries ago.   And the flooding in Australia? Oh, the universe is always punishing that country – they’re a country of criminals, you see?

But really, why Pearl Harbor?

My hypothesis:  the film  “Pearl Harbor” played recently (ahem, on repeat for a week) on some cable channel, making the battle of Pearl Harbor  fresh in commonplace American  minds.  These Americans heard the world “Japan” on the news, and were like, “I just watched a movie with Ben Affleck, and that tsunami country bombed us in the movie!   Serves them right, durrr, derr.”

(I don’t know if “Pearl Harbor” aired recently, but this makes me think my idea has merit…)

CLOSING EDIT: That joke flew over my head and now I feel silly. Perhaps all those Facebook people were really imitating Alec Sulkin. Reddit does not know this yet, nor does Viceland.com, linked above. (3:30pm CST)

13 Comments on “Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami reveal American Stupidity, Insensitivity”

  1. David the Nicene Hobbit says:

    Actually…you are betraying your own hatred of the United States and our people. The huge majority here have sent nothing but sympathy and condolences to the Japanese and are sending money as well as supplies. Maybe YOU are an ethnocentric a-hole.

  2. PS13 says:

    I don’t know, Dave the Hobbit… did you click the link in the story about the morons saying it was karma for Pearl Harbor? Those are some stupid, moronic Americans. Those people need to be called out.

  3. Kenneth O'Malley says:

    Japan is considered an enemy state in the U.N. charter,alongside of Germany.Both became a reason to control the supply of world dictators;and the main reason we have th U.N.It just goes to show what we have to do.Sure they bombed and invented slaughter warfare of world war two.We still blame them and for a good reason.Although we should at least assist them to show that they are not completly thrown off the planet.The only good thing to say about them,is that there is nothing good to say about them.

    • Akira says:

      The Japanese invented slaughter warfare? So before World War 2, war was a civilized affair?

      “The only good thing to say about them,is that there is nothing good to say about them.” What the fuck? Are you retarded? What gives you the right to judge an entire nation as “bad”?

  4. BADWOLF says:

    Here comes the xenophobic outburst happening again to the ignorant. If these morons hate Japan so much they should throw away their PS3, SONY, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, stop fapping to Japanese porn and stop looking at those hot looking Japanese girls. Karmic Justice my ass>>> It doesn’t matter from what ethnic group you come from we all get fucked one way or another.

  5. Adam says:

    I think it just shows the ethnocentricity of americans. If it was revenge for anything it would be the slaughter of fifteen million chinese citizens in ww2, including horrible “medical” experiments such as starvation, freezing etc.

  6. whatsaysyou says:

    Excellent post, Fruzsina. I couldn’t agree more and would like you to know that you are not the only one who is appalled at people’s insensitivity and stupidity when they poke fun at Japan’s latest tragedy or claim that the disaster is karmic for Japan. I too am shocked and appalled as you are. We don’t need those meanies to make such vitriol.

  7. say says:

    What about all the comments people made on 9/11 or after katrina? Why not bring that up? And as far as ww2 goes the japs freaking ate people! They were far worse than nazis and they’ve shown no remorse, unlike others. Why don’t you just get your ignorent uneducated ass out of america and try to find some neo-nazis to hook up with in Bulgaria. Ignorant, uneducated little scum. I so hope you somehow are dumb enough to talk to the wrong people and get deported. But I bet u made sure to get yourself citizenship. Piece of crap, if theres karma it’ll fall on u.

  8. tard says:

    the americans are behind the earthquake and tsunami in japan. No, karma should fall on the warmongering, oil greedy United states.

  9. J. Dorn says:

    You’re allowed to post whatever you want on the internet, but describing American stupidity and making this statement :

    “If I had to pick a country, between the United States and Japan, that would get karmic retribution for actions in World War II, I’d pick the United States (body count, occupation).”

    is absurd hypocrisy. Your forehead wrinkles with worry at ignorance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What do you think the foreheads of the Chinese descendants of the 15 million civilian casualties of the genocidal occupation of China think? Or the ~million killed in the Philippines, in Vietnam, in Indonesia, the millions of Koreans and Taiwanese and Chinese women who were raped, the military facilities in Northern China that practiced scientific torture, performed c-sections without anesthesia and killed the baby and mother deliberately, froze arms in ice water and photographed the effects of frostbite, put living prisoners into pressure chambers, etc, by the thousand?

    How can you be ignorant of Japanese war atrocities? I’m not talking about US war crimes, or any equivalences that you feel are proper. How can you be so unapologetically ignorant writing about the ignorance of others? Is there no accountability for your smugness?

    Read about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_war_crimes

    i was embarrassed enough to comment

    please read up on the Japanese “body count,” history is important

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