Beautiful architecture soothes my post-9/11 soul

I told my mate that when the World Trade Center Transportation Hub was complete, it is time for me to move back to New York City.  I don’t care as much about the other buildings in the WTC place- they don’t symbolize the rebirth of NYC quite like the Transportation Hub. And check out the WTC memorial – you know drunk fools  are going to fall in those pools at some point.

My mate naturally objected, he complained of the NYC prices and the cramped living spaces – but ultimately agreed on the superiority of Santiago Calatrava’s design.

I want to live in a city with the  most beautiful subway station in the world…

Hey New York City – If you never build this structure I will never forgive you.

Also, Port Authority, if you do a crappy job at continuous maintenance, this hub with become Pigeon Central.

Additional readings

NYTimes – Trade Center Transit Hub’s Cost Now Over $3.4 Billion

The New York Observer – How an over budget PATH Station Helps Explain a Missing Church

Time – What’s Behind the Ground Zero Stalemate

NYTimes Blog – A Twisted Path for a Curve-filled Terminal

Gothamist – Inflation Worries Hit World Trade Center Hub (photo gallery)

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