Groupon’s bad writers need to be fired

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This is how advanced Chicago is ^^ Image by myoldpostcards via Flickr

Groupon’s “Super Bowl Ad” was obviously a miss.  This writer explains it why, perfectly.  I, as a Chicago resident and occasional (recent) purchaser of Groupons, personally feel let down by Groupon’s failed commercial simply because Groupon is one of the few tech start-ups in this city.   Chicago is not known for tech start-ups, but Groupon is our saving grace against tech snobby East and West Coasters. Groupon is big and scary, and recently said no to $6 billion from Google. Is there another tech start-up in Chicago that defends this city’s honor? No.

“Oh, you’re a couple years behind…. no more than a decade” with a pat on the head.  “Chicago is sooo cute, with their little knock-off start-ups”… That’s what East and West Coast techies say about Chicago. Yeah. I don’t appreciate the patronizing tone either.

Now consider the recent corporate income tax increase (Jimmy Johns wants to leave because of them!), and the chance of Chicago  creating additional start-ups gets smaller and smaller.  Chicago can and should be so  more than  second fiddle to the East and West Coast.

So Groupon, when you’re on the national stage, representing this fair city, can you make sure your commercials aren’t poorly executed and/or multi-layered with personal jokes? I know you have some smart and humorous people in your ranks – as you seem to snatch up quite a few local comedians. You have no excuse, unless your excuse is…  your staff  just isn’t funny.

I am laughing out loud now, because of personal experiences with Groupon comedians. (insert link to recent local blogger complaining about a not funny groupon which I currently cannot find because of all the Super Bowl chatter)

This post may, or may not have, been written on a horse.


5 Comments on “Groupon’s bad writers need to be fired”

  1. goatking says:

    To say Chicago is bereft of tech startups is a bit hyperbole. We are the leaders in prop trading and Chicago stands at the center of the universe for derivatives trading. We do not build things with our tech startups, we provide business services and mind boggling financial computation.

  2. goatking says:

    All be it the same, Groupon seems to have created a firestorm with their new ads. Perhaps there is no such thing as bad publicity?

    • Hmm… was it an accident?

      Create a layered joke that would piss everyone off (because even people who work in retail know complainers tell more people than happy customers), get a bunch of people talking, but then offer reasonable explanations for the joke on a company blog?

      I don’t know. Groupon has written some bad jokes before.

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