Thrift Store Adventure: Fat ‘Bruce Campbell’-like Mooning Toy

I will never write a thrift store guide for Chicago.  I don’t want people to know where to go to get amazing second-hand clothing, so don’t ask…  I am too selfish, and finding lovely clothing for less than 3 dollars is one of the few joys in my life.

On my most recent trip, to a store I rarely frequent, I discovered a plastic toy that plugs to your cars back windshield:

I see a resemblance to Bruce Campbell – and I mean no disrespect – I love Bruce Campbell.

This particular toy has a tube that connects to a round air pump-like contraption. When you squeeze the pump, the doll  moons people like so:

I didn’t purchase the toy, but once I mooned  a kind Hispanic lady and we had a good laugh she promptly tossed it into her already full cart – “for my kids”, she said.

Besides bright cardigans and sweaters for myself, I purchased a Milota Autopak 450E from 1977  for Chris’ antique camera collection (“the flash is nicely offset by a good 4, 5 inches from the film plane” he says), and I got some small Victorian-inspired circular artwork for my Modern Mid-Century styled apartment, which will go on that bare wall next to my Japanese screen (partitions my sunroom/office).

Check out one of my new additions below: an angora and lambswool sweater  with gold sequins, made by SK & Company.  $1.80, bitches! The sweater is incredibly warm, slightly baggy – which I like –  and has shoulder pads. I don’t know if I will remove the pads yet…


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