ModCloth is stalking me

I love ModCloth.

I’ve loved that website for years now – long before it became as popular as it is now. I loved ModCloth before you could vote on upcoming products, before the site got a face-lift and before the ModCloth blog was all fancy and an easily accessible part of the site.

I love ModCloth to such an extent that I check the site almost daily. When I go to local boutiques, I can spot the products seen on ModCloth in a heartbeat. I love the site so much I don’t even care that a mutant dog is their mascot (see “Health”).

Being the living-on-$500-a-month-if-I-am-lucky kind of gal that I am, I never actually ordered anything from ModCloth (rent and food is important, yo!).  My relationship with ModCloth revolves around me clicking the “love it” button, putting items on a wishlist titled “when I have money”, and making check-out baskets. My relationship is rather one-sided, but at least it makes me happy.

Now imagine my face upon discovering a top named after me:   >:O

But Fruzsi, your name isn’t “Euphrosyne”! No, but,  as I wrote on my last post on True/Slant (before it became Forbes), my name is the Hungarian version of the Greek muse’s “Euphrosyne”. I am very proud of my name. Very few people living in America have my first name, and no one has my first and last name. I am no “Chris Murphy” or “Will Smith”. There can be only one, and I am that one.

So why did ModCloth name a seemingly ordinary top “The Euphrosyne Top”? Where would they come up with that name? ModCloth rarely names an item after a female, let alone some mythical muse, so I can only deduce they named this top after me. But why?

If this was some clever ruse to get me to finally order something from the site, I am not amused. As I stated earlier, I don’t have $40 lying around. My other idea: ModCloth knows how awesome I am and seeks to capitalize on my growing (imagined) fame. Either reason seems plausible to me, and for this grievance, I demand to be compensated. The bold and underlined text means I am doubly serious here…

If ModCloth wishes to be gracious and acknowledge use of my name, I will accept an apology. The apology could even be in the form of that particular top, as I do have a cherry red high-waisted pencil skirt “The Euphrosyne Top” would look great with. I will even take a picture of me wearing that particular top,  and I will even (heavens to mercy) submit it to the ModCloth flickr group.

Until then, I can only assume ModCloth stylists are following me to thrift and goodwill stores and stealing my fashion ideas. Oh, and I totally noticed that Christmasy photoshoot featuring the blonde with side bangs and hair in an asymmetrical braid over one shoulder.  Oh yes ModCloth, I saw that too.

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