Thoughts on Jared Lee Loughner and Sarah Palin

I was out for the day on Saturday. I heard all about Loughner, from different people reading different sources… and as the sun went down I longed to read about Loughner myself, to watch his youtube videos myself.

I had a chance to catch up on all Loughner media today. At first it was heartbreaking, and there was crying. There was happiness when doctors reported Giffords was responsive after surgery. The joy increased when the heroic efforts of a woman, an intern and two tackling men came to light.  In the late afternoon I spent hours watching Jared Lee Loughner’s videos, trying to make sense of them, and I became exhausted. (On a side note, I am pleasantly surprised Jared Lee Loughner’s videos are still up and viewable to the public. Thanks, FBI & Google)

Now, at 9:30pm, after a nap to replenish my emotions, I am livid.

I have a love/hate relationship with Sarah Palin:  the level of fame and power she has obtained, despite her white trashiness, always mystified me.  I still believe Trig is Bristol’s – and Sarah’s fierce desire to protect her family and engage in Babygate earned some respect from me, as did punishing Bristol for her mistakes by making her go on “Dancing with the Stars” and advocating for abstinence only education (Palin has enormous balls, and keeps her family in tight lockstep!). So when the media turned to blaming Sarah Palin, my gut reaction was skeptical.  Palin obviously did the crosshairs thing because she likes guns and stuff, and knows her audience likes guns and stuff. Correlation does not equal causation, and there has been no link between Jared Lee Loughner being an avid Sarah Palin supporter – yet.

Then this happened:

But then things got even more silly: an aide in Sarah Palin’s camp said the crosshair map had nothing to do with violence and guns. Um, crosshairs have everything to do with guns… and weapons…. and you don’t see crosshairs on anything else?  You cannot have a crosshair, and not have a gun. See Sarah Palin’s crosshair map here. (After seeing pictures of Gabrielle Giffords all day, I have a sneaking suspicion Giffords was on that map for being prettier and better dressed than Palin.) Things got even more ridiculous with this blunder from the Palin Camp.

What little love I had for Sarah Palin is now gone.

If Sarah Palin just came out and admitted her crosshairs map was irresponsible, what weird twisted respect I had for Sarah Palin would be replenished.  I doubt she will do this, as being able to admit ones mistakes is what separates a president from a wacky beauty-queen-failed-journalist- governor (among others).


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