Getting Paid for Community Journalism warms my Heart

Thus begins my freelancing for Patch…

I love hating on “the man” , but 2011 has me still working for AOL. For those that don’t know me, for a while I was writing on AOL’s Walletpop, but I knew the day I was recruited that I would not write for Walletpop’s Money College for long  as I had a very hard time in college. I thought my depression sucked when I was a teenager, but damn, college was a whole other story. This one piece of mine is still one of their all-time traffic getters though (I am being modest – I should really say “top story ever”)…

More than one writer/journalist friend has told me how rewarding community journalism was for them, and I definately feel that way just from blogging about my neighborhood. Getting paid to do community journalism, however, is the cake.

For Wilmette-Kenilworth’s Patch, I will be profiling candidates running for  local office. You can read my first interview here.


2 Comments on “Getting Paid for Community Journalism warms my Heart”

  1. spudart says:

    I like your question to Bielinksi, “What is your favorite local establishment?”

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