The internet can be kind too, like an older brother…

In lieu of the New York Times article “Little Brother is Watching” , I thought I’d update this blog (omg, not since 9/11!!!) with a poem I performed twice in the Spring/Summer of 2009, at the Green Mill’s Uptown Poetry Slam Open Mic Night.

I could write out everything in the below poem in response to Walter Kirn, but I am lazy, and hate repeating myself.


information streaming-

buffering to full, still streaming-

in my ear, in my eye, in

my mind

tell me more, tell it all, tell it


privacy is old fashioned like cursive

whispers are gone, always the gimme-gimmes

mega phone, gaping mouths garbling text,

…what can you say that hasn’t been done?

show us your mouth, show us

your goods

locked away in dark rooms, glasses

glowing with the blues

naked ladies eat so maneuver

the memes,

packed arena full of boos

subway rider in a bubble, busy

no bum is a bother

stalkers on the prowl for clues

and belt buckles slowly farther-

today is in the head, getting bigger

do you own a magic box

within are all the answers?

hot wire your brain

sit still

scroll down for more

(I  keep secrets

in my skull, I

want more face time

in the sun)

searchlights sweep the nation

strained, up ahead

head lights, camera


blind to our intent, eyes

no longer belong

on the face

we are our own older brother

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